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Rotary Fly Tying – Featuring the Norvise

Guest Blogger: J. Stockard Pro and Owner of Norvise: Tim O’Neill, Hockessin, DE

As we travel the country on the fly fishing show circuit I am always amazed by something I observe when I look at the “ring of tyers” at each location, whether we are up in Marlborough, Massachusetts, Atlanta, Georgia or Pleasanton, California one thing seems to repeat itself over and over.

Rotary fly tying is nothing new; vises that you can slowly rotate 360 degrees have been around for a long time. The thing that I find odd as I watch tyers from all around the country is that very seldom do I see people using the rotary function of the vise as part of tying the fly. People will invest a lot of money for these tricked out rotary vises, and I am not saying they are overpriced, I am saying it is an investment, and they only use the rotary function of the vise to turn the hook to look at the other side of the fly. This always seemed strange to me.

Wonderful things begin to happen once you start to #spinthevise


Buy the Norvise & Get $50 of Fly Tying Material

Guest Blogger: Norm Norlander, avid fly fisher, research engineer and designer of the Norvise, a unique and revolutionary fly tying system

norm norlanderThe Norvise being offered by J. Stockard as a Special with $50 worth of free fly tying materials is a super deal!
If you are new to the fly tying game or an experienced veteran you will benefit from the unique capabilities of the Norvise and, with this deal, you’ll save some money at the same time. Take a look at my introductory video to see how this amazing Norvise fly tying system works. It will help you tie better, easier, and faster.

Note from J. Stockard: Read more about the Norvise and find out how to qualify now. This offer expires 8/31/14.