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Fly of the Month – Royal Stimulator

J.Stockard Pro Tyers: John and Katie Demuth of Kingsport TN, Find Demuth Fly Fishing @: www.instagram.com/demuth_flyfishing/

A Christmas fly doesn’t get much better than a Royal Stimulator. So for the J.Stockard Fly of the Month for December of this year, we bring you a Royal Stimulator beautifully tied and photographed by John and Katie Demuth. Merry Christmas!

Hook- Ahrex Freshwater 531, size 12 or TIemco 2312
Thread- Semperfli Nano Silk 12 OT, black and white
Tail/Wing- Calf tail, fluorescent white
Body- Nature’s Spirit Strung Peacock Herl, natural, Semperfli floss or Rayon Floss, red, Semperfli .1 mm tying wire or Wapsi Ultra Wire, bright silver, Whiting Farms Hackle, Golden Badger
Head- Coated in Deer Creek Diamond Fine Resin more…

Turkey Feathers for Thanksgiving

Guest Blogger & FOM Tyer: Paul Beel, J. Stockard Pro Tyer Team Leader and owner of FrankenFly

Since it is Thanksgiving time and the primary focus is on turkey, here is a brief post about how you can use some of the turkey feathers available here at J.Stockard Fly Fishing.

First up, Mottled Turkey Quills. These feathers are best known for their use on the famous Muddler Minnow fly pattern as wings. These can also be used as wing casings on nymphs and possibly some sort of tailing material.

Ozark Oak Mottled Turkey Quills


The Pink Thing Story

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

The stories behind a fly’s name are always interesting. That is especially true when the fly has a global reputation. Such is the case for the “Pink Thing”, as one Aussie writer says, is “The Greatest Barra Fly of All Time”. I’ll be on my way to Darwin in 2020 where I hope to get in some decent fly fishing for Barramundi. We’ll be there during the end of runoff and expect stained water conditions in the smaller creeks and estuaries. I’ve been tying up some Pink Things and their variations for the trip. The story behind the name is an interesting one. The fly’s originator was Graham White, an English fly angler and fisheries biologist who emigrated to Australia. In Darwin, he became well-known as the guy who knew how to catch Barra on the fly. In the 1980s he was a member of a dedicated group of Darwin fly anglers known as The Saltwater Flyrodders of the Northern Territory. They met regularly after days of fishing to enjoy a few brews at one of the member’s residences outside Darwin. Although bait and spin casting for Barra was probably the most efficient method of catching these large fish, club members had an interesting rule. Anyone found to have used gear other than flyrods for the days angling was fined a carton of green cans—mostly likely Victoria Bitter, one of the most popular beers in Australia—which they had to bring to the evening’s beer fest. more…