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Cutting Guides for Fly Tying

Guest Blogger: Mary S. Kuss

If you tie a lot of flies that have bodies made of stranded materials like wool or chenille, cutting lengths of material for each fly can be a bit problematic. If you cut too long a piece, there’s waste. Yet if you get too stingy, and come up short, it’s even more of a problem.

One commercial tyer I knew actually dispensed chenille straight from the card to the hook to avoid wasting material. The logic is obvious. When I tried this method, however, I found it awkward in the extreme. It just didn’t seem worth it to save a few inches of chenille. more…

Buy the Norvise & Get $50 of Fly Tying Material

Guest Blogger: Norm Norlander, avid fly fisher, research engineer and designer of the Norvise, a unique and revolutionary fly tying system

norm norlanderThe Norvise being offered by J. Stockard as a Special with $50 worth of free fly tying materials is a super deal!
If you are new to the fly tying game or an experienced veteran you will benefit from the unique capabilities of the Norvise and, with this deal, you’ll save some money at the same time. Take a look at my introductory video to see how this amazing Norvise fly tying system works. It will help you tie better, easier, and faster.

Note from J. Stockard: Read more about the Norvise and find out how to qualify now. This offer expires 8/31/14.