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Fly of the Month – Royal Stimulator

J.Stockard Pro Tyers: John and Katie Demuth of Kingsport TN, Find Demuth Fly Fishing @: www.instagram.com/demuth_flyfishing/

A Christmas fly doesn’t get much better than a Royal Stimulator. So for the J.Stockard Fly of the Month for December of this year, we bring you a Royal Stimulator beautifully tied and photographed by John and Katie Demuth. Merry Christmas!

Hook- Ahrex Freshwater 531, size 12 or TIemco 2312
Thread- Semperfli Nano Silk 12 OT, black and white
Tail/Wing- Calf tail, fluorescent white
Body- Nature’s Spirit Strung Peacock Herl, natural, Semperfli floss or Rayon Floss, red, Semperfli .1 mm tying wire or Wapsi Ultra Wire, bright silver, Whiting Farms Hackle, Golden Badger
Head- Coated in Deer Creek Diamond Fine Resin more…

Fly of the Month – Emperor Mouse

J. Stockard Pro Tyer: Steve Yewchuck, Beacon, NY, You can find Steve @: www.instagram.com/envisionflyworks/

The Emperor Mouse pattern was designed on my home water in the Catskills but has proven itself globally as well. The blend of natural bunny brush and foam allows it to stay afloat but stick to the waters surface when hit hard by trophy size fish. It has a realistic mouse profile from underneath but had to be light enough to cast for long periods of time. The fly’s head was designed to push large amounts of water for a small profile fly. The fly has great movement to entice even the most finicky fish. The pattern has evolved into a few different versions, from the mini to the articulated to entice a variety of species. more…

Fly of the Month – Bailes Modern Muddler

Fly of the Month by J. Stockard Pro Tyer: Brandon Bailes, Athens, AL. Brandon’s passion is exploring and fishing small streams. Find Brandon on Instagram.

This fly is one I’ve been using on smallmouth and trout in smaller water. The bend in the hook and head profile creates an erratic swimming action that attracts fish in all water conditions. Although the fly really shines when you are fishing low or smaller waters where fish can spook easy, as this fly lands softly but has a lot of movement once it gets subsurface unlike many small streamers that are just profile-oriented and don’t have as much swimming action.

Hook- Ahrex TP650 size 2
Thread- UTC 140 for the body and Veevus GSP 200D for the collar/head
Tail- Peacock Sword
Body- Flashabou, coated with Raid Zap UV Thin
Wing Support- Bucktail
Over Wing- Peacock Sword
Head- Deer Belly Hair, coated with RaidZap UV Thin more…