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The Story of Ahrex

Written by Lars Christian Bentsen of Ahrex.
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It might sound a bit pretentious for a company as young as Ahrex to tell it’s story now, but we get a lot of questions on when, how, where, why and who when we’re on shows and from retailers and distributors. And prompted by J. Stockard, I decided to ask Søren and Morten some of these questions and let them tell the story.

Let’s get the “who” done with first. Who are Ahrex? I’ll do the introductions, because Søren and Morten are to modest to say anything nice about themselves. Ahrex consists of Søren Flarup, who’s the managing director of the company.


Søren has a professional background in graphic design, so he’s also in charge of the company’s visual identity and brand design. And most importantly – he does all the technical drawing and computer work when it comes to the fly hook design. At the moment, Søren’s fly fishing passion is tropical fishing for bonefish, tarpon, tuna, barracuda etc.


Morten is in charge of sales and social media. Morten’s background is fishing, originally as a salesclerk in a small tackle shop, and after that co-owner of one of Europe’s largest fly tying wholesale businesses for 24 years until it was sold last year. Morten has also published several fly tying and fly fishing books, both as author and as a publisher. For a number of years Morten also wrote numerous articles, and is one of Scandinavia’s leading fly fishing photographers. Morten is considered a pioneer in fly fishing for pike in Scandinavia.

I suppose it’s needless to say that both are avid fly fishermen and excellent fly tiers. Morten’s brother, Henrik, is also involved in Ahrex – he takes care of accounting, stock and basically tries (as much as it’s possible) to keep Søren and Morten in check. more…

New! AHREX Hooks

53500New at J Stockard! Ahrex Hooks have their roots in the Scandinavian fly-fishing tradition. These anglers and the waters they fish have inspired the company to create hooks made without compromise. Though designed by Scandinavian fly-fishermen, Ahrex hooks are now fished all over the world. Here at J Stockard we are now offering a broad range of Ahrex hooks: more…

The Back Bend

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, MT

My first bend back pattern

My first bend back pattern

You might think “The Bend Back” is some esoteric, magical cast that guarantees long, accurate casts each and every time you try it. Or it’s a great exercise to get ready for a long season of fishing. Wrong, “Bend Backs” are really just a somewhat obscure type of fly, unless you are a regular Florida Keys angler. I was introduced to “Bend Backs” about 15 years ago when I first got the opportunity to fish in the Tampa Bay, Sarasota area for redfish and snook. For many years, TMC had a hook model called 411S. The 411S was essentially an 811S with the 1st 20% of the shank bent approximately 15 degrees up and away from the hook point. Unfortunately, TMC discontinued the “Bend Back” hook so now you’ve pretty much got to do the bending on your own. more…