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Anchor Wrap

J. Stockard Pro Tyer: Paul Shurtleff, Springville, UT

After spending some time working with and field testing various materials over the years, I would like to stress the importance of what’s called an “Anchor Wrap” in fly tying when working with various materials. I’m not just talking about any materials though, I’m more referring to corded or furled synthetic/semi-synthetic types of materials such as chenilles and braided/variegated types of tying materials commonly used as body materials in numerous fly patterns.

For those that don’t or didn’t know or have never heard of what an “Anchor Wrap” is, it’s a tying procedure/technique made to anchor or seat and tighten down onto the hook these types of materials while wrapping them on. It’s intent is to tighten down as much as possible to prevent those types of materials from becoming loose. More specifically, an “Anchor Wrap” is performed to prevent the core of the material itself from coming loose and becoming exposed. more…

My Evolved Workstation

kunz workstationGuest Blogger: Ray Kunz

My fly tying workstation is not a dedicated area. Our family desk must share multi-tasking with domestic business and my model railroading. Tidiness and portability are paramount. To improve the utility and portability of my workstation over the years my ideal has evolved. I can set up more quickly at home and find it a great aid in transporting to the classes I teach at the local school. I’m not suggesting that these ideas are the best for all folks but just things to consider as options. more…