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Enjoying Fiberglass Fly Rods

Written by Paul Beel: J. Stockard Pro Tyer Team Leader and owner of FrankenFly

Through the years I have owned and casted many fly rods and for a good portion of those years I used what I could afford to use at the time. At one point I purchased an Eagle Claw Fiberglass Fly Rod for $45.00. It was a 4/5 weight and I used it exclusively. It performed very well and at such a cheap cost, it was most definitely a bargain.

As time passed by I purchased other rods which were mostly graphite. However, that first fiberglass rod had an impact on me and I began reading online websites like The Fiberglass Manifesto and joining the forum The Fiberglass Flyrodders. These places love fiberglass fly rods and discuss them still to this day.

I then bought my first custom built fiberglass fly rod from Midwest Custom Fly Rods.  The advantage of a custom built fly rod is that you get to select what you want on the rod. You can select the cork, reel seat, guides, hook keeper and color of wraps around the rod. Sometimes you have the option of picking the color of the rod, but that’s not always the case. Some rod blanks only come in a specific color and some of them have limited colors.

Of course receiving and fishing this custom build just added to the fiberglass rod enjoyment that I had already experienced in the past and just made me want another one. more…

Fly Rods

Guest Blogger: Clay Cunningham, Cody, Wyoming, retired National Park Superintendent

orvis fit and fineI own three fly rods that most outdoor writers and many fly fishermen would agree are among the leading names in the fly rod industry. One is a Sage eight and one-half foot, five weight, that I built from a blank in 1997, one is a Winston eight foot, four weight that I bought from Winston in 2004, they build them in Twin Bridges, Montana, and one is an Orvis seven foot, nine inch, Far and Fine, five weight that I built from a blank in 1973. more…