J. Stockard Pro Tyer: Paul Shurtleff, Springville UT, You can find Paul @: www.instagram.com/insectinside/, www.facebook.com/pauliescustomflies

The Borchers Special is a dry fly developed by Ernie Borchers of Grayling, Michigan around the 1940s. This fly was turned into a parachute style fly and simply called The Borchers Parachute since parachute flies became very popular.

It was created to mimic early season spinner falls, primarily dark colored flies in Michigan and is still used to this day. Some prefer it to the Adams dry fly which is an extremely popular fly.

This version is tied by J. Stockard Pro Paulie Shurtleff. See the video for all of the tying details.

Materials list:
Hook: J2 105 Dry Fly Hook
Thread: Semperfli Brown Classic Waxed 8/0
Tail: Moose Body Hair
Rib: Semperfli Brown Thin Wire
Body: Cinnamon Tipped Turkey Tail
Thorax: Brown Fine Dry Dubbing
Hackle: Brown
Post: McFlylon White


  1. Birchers parachute and Birchers emerged are probably the two best dry flies for spring hatches on michigans north branch of the ausable river . I’m speaking from 60 years of fishing this rivrr.

  2. This fly was converted to parachute style on 1983 by Grayling tyer Tim Neal. It followed Ernie’s original with the exception of replacing the wing with a white deer hair post. It used three moose fibers for the tail; no dubbing on the thorax, and grizzly and brown hackle mixed. It’s now one of the three most popular dry flies in Michigan.

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