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Frenzy Fiber Material Review

Guest Blogger & FOM Tyer: Paul Beel, J. Stockard Pro Tyer Team Leader and owner of FrankenFly

I’ve noticed photos of the new Frenzy Fiber from Just Add H2O and from what I could see I thought it might be a nice streamer material, but it’s always difficult to know just by looking at photos. So I ordered some and put the stuff to the test.

Frenzy Fiber is a very finely cut shiny synthetic material that is super light weight. I began by tying a baitfish pattern and it worked great! On this particular pattern I just started at the back of the hook near the barb and tie in Frenzy Fiber. The Fiber comes in a hank and is about 8 inches in length.


What I usually do if I am tying a baitfish pattern with synthetic material is grab a small amount and hold it up to the fly to roughly measure what length I will need and cut it. Then I hold it in one hand and pull on the various ends to make them uneven and make them look more natural when tied in. I then tie the material down in the middle and fold it over. I do this while working my way up the shank. I tie on the top and bottom of the shank. You can lookup baitfish fly tying on YouTube because it contains a lot of videos that show how to tie baitfish style streamers. Frenzy Fiber worked excellent for this application though. I’m sure baitfish patterns were one of the primary reasons behind the creation of the material.

Just to clarify, the head of the baitfish is FrankenDub Monster Dubbing and if you are wondering what the dark green material is over the top, it’s peacock herl. If I would have had a darker color of the Frenzy Fiber, I could have used a sparse amount of it to go over the top. It is just something to add to the contrast of the fly and possibly make it more attractive to fish. more…

Dreamstream Scissors Review

Guest Blogger & FOM Tyer: Paul Beel, J. Stockard Pro Tyer Team Leader and owner of FrankenFly

On a regular basis I keep a pair of general purpose scissors handy on my tying desk. I like to keep my good scissors as sharp as possible and not dull them by cutting things I don’t need to cut. So this is the reason I use general purpose scissors.

I noticed J.Stockard had new scissors available from Umpqua and I picked up some Umpqua Dreamstream+ All Purpose scissors coming in at 4 inches. The general information on these scissors reads;

“Medium length, micro-serrated blades make these a great all-purpose scissor. Sharp, serrated blades grab and cut a wide variety of natural and synthetic materials for all-around use.”

I’ve now been using the Dreamstream scissors for several weeks and completely agree, these are great for all-around use. The serrated blades make these scissors really excel at cutting synthetics, because they are able to grab a hold of the material and it doesn’t slip out of the blades. The serrated blades also make these clinch together as they cut, so you can feel them grab. I’ve also cut natural materials with them and they do that just fine too.

I haven’t been easy on these scissors the last few weeks either. I have cut Intruder wire, Fireline fishing line, lead wire, copper wire, flashabou, synthetic hair and fibers, and many types of natural feathers and furs. I’ve even used them to scrape off the stiff glue from my dubbing needles. They are still working just fine and cutting just fine. I wouldn’t say they are as exactly as sharp as they were out of the package, but they are still plenty sharp enough to cut the materials I need to cut.

They fit into my hand just fine and the finger holes are made just like almost any other scissors. So nothing out of the ordinary there.

To be honest, I would say as general purpose scissors go, these are just as good or better than anything out there right now. I would not hesitate to pick up another pair when I need them.

Loon Ergo All Purpose Bobbin

Guest Blogger & FOM Tyer: Paul Beel, J. Stockard Pro Tyer Team Leader and owner of FrankenFly

I’ve tried many bobbins out there for many years and some would be ok, some were downright awful, and some I would use for awhile. For the last couple of years I’ve used mainly the Loon Ergo Bobbin. Which was another bobbin I was just ok with. It was too long, the feet were not very adjustable, which meant thread control was not very good. The one thing I did like about it was the feel. I could place my thumb in the groove and wrap my pointer finger around the rest of the bobbin. I don’t work well with the small thin bobbins. The Ergo Bobbin to me was comfortable in hand and not just some frail little thing. But as I mentioned, it had other problems. This year they improved the Ergo Bobbin, but it has been overshadowed already in my opinion. See below. more…