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The Regal Vise

Guest Blogger: Eunan Hendron, Eunan blogs at Addicted to Vise

medallion+traditional+head+prbr-10tIt’s no secret I predominantly tie flies on very large hooks, often with fragile ‘Japan Black’ finish, which will break off if there is too much pressure applied to the hook in a vise. So when I got pretty good at tying salmon flies I purchased a vise that would specifically fit my needs – hold the hook well and not damage the fragile finish – both needs admirably delivered my Cottarelli vise.

However, as I started to tie smaller and smaller flies alongside the salmon flies, I found my trusty Cottarelli to be cumbersome and awkward, particularly for access to hooks smaller than size 10. So I got to thinking about a new vise, specifically for small flies. I read a lot of stuff on various forums and websites and came to the decision that a Regal vise was the one for me. more…

Tying Simple Hoppers – The Slim Jim

hoppers 1. Materials (1)Guest Blogger: Eunan Hendron, Eunan blogs at Addicted to Vise

Frequently I take up a challenge to tie a fly out of my traditional comfort zone; a situation usually afforded me by my participation in fly swaps. These hoppers are the result of that very situation.

I agreed to enter a top water fly swap, and not really being a traditional dry fly tyer, I went in search of some inspiration. I landed on a neat pattern called the Slim Jim, which is a foam hopper and decided that was the one for me.

Off I went to the J Stockard catalog and searched out the materials. I bought the entire line of Furry Foam, some hopper/caddis/ant body cutters from River Road Creations, and with an already full inventory of 2mm foam sheets at home, I set about making the bodies. more…

Fly Swaps and the Green Butt Skunk

IMG_20150121_082323 resizeGuest Blogger: Eunan Hedron, Classic Fly Tyer, Eunan Blogs @ Addicted to Vise

Customizing your flies – this is where dyeing feathers becomes useful!

For me, fly swaps have been a great way to get new patterns to fish, and also to try my hand at tying patterns I normally wouldn’t tie, while adding a little personal twist to certain patterns by tweaking the materials. I do try to retain the overall essence of the fly that it is still recognizable as a certain pattern. more…