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The “Trout” of the Bass World

J.Stockard Pro Tyer: Brandon Bailes, Athens AL

When most people hear the words “ redeye bass” they instantly think of the Rock bass species, which carry the nickname Redeye or Goggle eye here in the south, and while they can be fun from time to time ( or an annoyance if you are after smallmouth bass) there’s actually true Redeye bass species that inhabit Alabama. They are colorful, full of fight, and live in some beautiful places! more…

Fly of the Month – Exo Crab

J. Stockard Pro Tyer: Tim Morales, Caladonia MI

Well, with spring break behind us and vacation season right around the corner, here’s one for all of you heading to warm and sunny tropical destinations.

Ever since I started tying, I’ve been mesmerized by realistic flies. The problem is, a great many of them are very tedious to tie and just way too time consuming to fill a box. On my travels to Denmark I came across a wide variety of realistic shrimp patterns that were overall not terribly time consuming to recreate and looked stunning both in the vise and in the water.

Since then, I have tinkered with my own realistic patterns. Some of my ideas have worked while many have not. With fishable realistic flies, the key for me is to bring about just enough realism while still making them practical and quick enough to produce. While I found a great many realistic shrimp patterns, I really couldn’t find many realistic crab flies. So, my project began to create a fishable realistic crab.

All in all, I feel that this pattern satisfies my desire for a realistic fly that is still fairly simple to tie. I hope you all enjoy this tie as much as I do.


Fly of the Month – Guide’s Choice Pheasant Tail

Fly of the Month by J. Stockard Pro Tyer: Justin Aldrich, Haversham Co. GA, find Justin on Instagram and YouTube.

The Guides Choice series of Fly has a reputation that can easily compete with any of the old tried and true patterns. (Pheasant Tails, Hare’s Ears, and of course classic Spyder Wets for examples.)

It’s a pattern that has been done to death, understandably, and can be made to tie as easy or difficult as you choose without sacrificing production on the water if you need a quicker tie.
On a side note, it’s often I tie and fish these without a dubbed Thorax or a Flashback Wingcase. If I do this, I always use a piece of tiny flash to rib the body and wire to secure the flash. But it’s just as effective and saves massive amounts of time on the vise.

Dead drifted, Dry Dropped, Swung, Swam, Jigged, twitched, all ways to fish the Guide’s Choice series of Fly all because of the materials used.

It’s combined ingredients spell disaster for Trout. Here is my version tied with Pheasant Tail as the body instead of Hares Ear dubbing. more…