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Picking New Products – The Customer Is Always Right

new for CCOne of the most fun parts of working at J. Stockard Fly Fishing is discovering and adding new products to our store. We get ideas for new products from our suppliers and our customers – the two sides of our supply and demand picture. We like customers’ ideas the most, for several reasons.

First, the fact that a customer wants us to carry a product is the surest sign that there is real demand for it – it’s not just a “solution in search of a problem”. If more than one or two customers ask for the same product that will usually clinch our decision. Recent examples of this are Wapsi’s Palmer Chenille (on route to us now) and the expansion of hook size offerings for Daiichi 1150, 1720 and 1750; Mustad R50-U and Classic 3366; and TMC200R.

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Choosing Fly Tying Thread

thread caenisThread is one of the most fundamental of fly tying materials. And today there are dozens of fly tying threads available in a wide variety of materials, sizes and strengths.

Materials – The most common fly tying thread materials today are nylon, polyester and GSP (gel-spun polyethylene). Nylon was developed in the 1930’s as a man-made substitute for silk. Made via a continuous extrusion process, nylon is strong, can stretch a bit and takes dyes well making for bright and vibrant colors. Similar to nylon, man-made polyester is made as either a continuous extrusion fiber or as short fiber filaments. Unlike nylon, polyester doesn’t stretch and it will break without warning under stress, though it is quite strong. Polyester colors tend to be slightly less bright than nylon. Gel-spun polyethylene (GSP) is made of continuous extrusion fibers and is very strong. GSP’s texture is extremely slippery yet flexible. Less popular but still in use are natural threads made of cotton, wool and silk as well as man-made Kevlar and rayon.

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Fish-Mask – Innovation for Streamer Tying

Fish-Mask_blogFlymen Fishing’s Fish-Skull brand has made a real name for itself with its extensive line of products of Fish-Skulls, articulated shanks and Frantic Tails,  designed to make tying highly effective streamers fast and easy. One of the Company’s latest fly tying innovations is the Fish-Mask, an ultra-lightweight Fish-Skull designed for tying weightless streamers that suspend in the water column. The Fish-Mask features a realistic baitfish head profile and is molded from an extremely light weight, crystal clear, fluoro-epoxy material. They are perfect for suspending baitfish patterns in a wide variety of sizes and provide consistent size, shape and weight.

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