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Semperfli – Always Faithful, Always Fly

Guest Blogger: Ann Kitchener, CEO, SemperFli,, #semperfli

Focussed on the creation of the world’s best fly tying materials, Semperfli is possibly the world’s fastest growing tying materials company! Based in Yorkshire England, a region long associated with fly tying and fly fishing, there are four cornerstones that matter to our rapidly growing family run company: Innovation, Passion, Customer Service and Quality.

Innovative materials like the world’s strongest GSP for diameter Nano Silk and Classic Waxed Threads – the result of three year research and development effort to create a thread that lays flat, providing more grip and strength with just the right levels of wax for fly tying.

Semperfli never sits still and constantly innovates, bringing out new materials each year, each one designed to make the Tyers work more interesting, creative or easier! more…

New Product – Vampire Sheep Hair!

Guest Blogger & FOM Tyer: Paul Beel, J. Stockard Pro Tyer Team Leader and owner of FrankenFly

When I released Werewolf Hair last year, I had many tyers asking if it included Icelandic Sheep Hair. I would say ‘no’ and explain what type of material it was. So it was easy for me to realize what I needed to do for my next product.

Vampire Sheep Hair is a blend of Icelandic Sheep Hair and very fine mylar flash to add sparkle. It is an excellent material to use on streamers. And, many tyers really like to use it to make baitfish patterns.

The material is very soft and easy to tie with. You can add bulk to a fly without adding much weight and it holds its shape in the water which provides a great profile. The movement of Vampire Sheep Hair in the water is as good or better than bucktail or marabou and it includes flash that is very attractive to the fish. If you have spaces that need filling within the design of your streamer, this material fills the gap very nicely. You can use it on tails, wings, and heads. It is very versatile. more…

Mopping Up With the Mop Fly

Guest Blogger: Mary S. Kuss, Life-long avid angler, licensed PA fishing guide, founder of the Delaware Valley Women’s Fly Fishing Association

While I can’t say I’ve exactly “mopped up” with the Mop Fly, I have used it with some success. Like a lot of ugly flies that don’t fit our theories of imitation, but sometimes work very well nevertheless, the Mop Fly has its detractors. If you wouldn’t be caught dead with a Mop Fly on the end of your leader, of course you are under no obligation to use one. On the other hand those of us who are more open-minded are under no obligation not to. All of the wise cracks about the fine line between being open-minded and having a hole in one’s head notwithstanding. more…