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The “Odd” Cod, The “Odd” Yellowbelly, The “Odd” Perch

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

Dana Stors Lamb was a New York investment banker, conservationist and author. His angling stories are renown for his poetic, lyrical style. He published nine titles in the 1960s-70s, mostly angling stories about pursuing Atlantic Salmon in New England, Quebec and the Canadian Maritimes. One of my favorite stories headlines the volume Not Far From The River (1967). Entitled “The Odd Salmon”, Dana laments a summer where salmon were scarce on the Miramichi, Magaguadavic, Nashwaak and Restigouche rivers in Quebec. A farmer on the river Nashwaak filled with anglers says,“There’s nothing in the river now.” Dana comments, “But surely there is something or they wouldn’t fish”. The farmer, while whacking the buttocks of a cow, “Oh well, they do get the odd salmon now and then.” At the tidal head of the Restigouche, anglers in boats plied the waters and Dana wondered to a local, “they must be there”. The local observer replied: “Of course they are there. They have to be, but all they ever take down here is sometimes the odd salmon.” Back along the Maine coast, Dana encountered a group of southern anglers extremely frustrated over the lack of salmon and crowded rivers. As Dana left the little Maine village, he wondered, “whether anyone [in the frustrated group] among the hundreds along the river bank would latch on to that famous fish so often talked about; so seldom seen; the so much sought but tough to kill the ‘odd salmon’.”

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