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Fly of the Month – The Matuka Bugger

Fly Tyer: Justin Aldrich

This is a Sculpin imitation designed to swim on the bottom….and get there in a hurry. So keep that in mind when making this pattern your own with different material substitutes and colors.

I’ve been using this pattern lately on my local streams and have not only been catching numbers, but catching great sized Fish too. Great times to fish this are just before, during, and after a rain.


● Hook: Mustad R75-79580)
● Thread: Veevus 8/0 Olive/Brown.
● Bead: Tungsten Copper Cone head.
● Additional Weight: .025 Lead Wraps.
● Abdomen/Body: Olive Hare’s Ear Plus Dubbing.
● Collar: Dark Olive Speckled Hen feather.
● Body Hackle: Golden/Olive Saddle feather.
● Matuka Wing: Golden/Olive Saddle Spade feather. (Hen saddle feather can be used, also here.)
● Tail: Golden/Olive Saddle Spade feather & a small section of Olive Marabou.
● Rib: Small Copper wire.
● LOCTITE Superglue.

Day Trip Upper Big Hole

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

The Big Hole River in SW Montana has many faces. The upper reaches around Wisdom, Montana present anglers many challenges.  First of which is that it is essentially in the middle of nowhere, a long way away from even modest Montana civilization. Wisdom, named for the Wisdom River (as the Big Hole was originally named by Lewis and Clark), boasts a whopping population of 100 +/-.  At 6000 feet MSL, mornings can be frosty, even in August. The stretch from Wisdom to the access point at Fishtrap Creek, some 15 miles as the crow flies is a wide, meandering low gradient stream with lots of weed growth.  Pools and runs with any meaningful depth are few and far between. Very much unlike the canyon and cottonwood bottom reaches farther downstream. Although the upper Big Hole has healthy flows as runoff subsides, it is subject to serious dewatering for irrigation and mid-summer and fall flows can become dangerously low. more…

Resources For Choosing A Fly Tying Vise

With our annual ‘Upgrade Your Fly Tying Bench’ sale coming up in October, we thought it would be a good idea to point you to some information out there that will help you select your first or next fly tying vise. Here are some of our favorites:

Choosing The Right Fly Tying Vise with Kelly Galloup

Choosing The Right Fly Tying Vise Part II: Rotary Vises with Kelly Galloup

The Best Fly Tying Vise by Fly Fisherman Magazine

Get A Grip: Selecting Your First Vise by Fly Tyer Magazine

We can meet all your vise needs at J. Stockard. We carry these tops brands – the Montana and Blackfoot Mongoose from Griffin, the Danvise, Dyna-King’s top sellers, Apex and Anvil vises from Wolff, the Peak vise, HMH vises, a broad selection vises from Regal, the Norvise, Stonfo vises  and our JS economy vises. Look for special deals next month and find them all here.