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Fly of the Month – June 2017 – Indicator BWO

Fly Tyer: Tim Morales, J Stockard customer & avid fly tyer

The Indicator BWO is essentially a standard parachute dry fly. The important difference is that the post is fluorescent making it much easier to see. This fly can also be used as an indicator on a nymphing rig, giving the angler the ability to fish both the adult stage and ascending nymphal stage at the same time.

Hook:  Tiemco TMC101 #16
Tail:  Hackle Fibers (Dun)
Abdomen: Turkey Biot (BWO)
Thorax: Fly-Rite extra fine poly dubbing (BWO) or Wapsi Antron Dubbing (Light Olive)
Wing: Whiting Farms Dry Fly Hackle (Dun)
Post:  CCT body fur (Fluo Fire Orange) or McFlylon more…

Kiewa Wangaratta Under the Manna Gums

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman MT

The Manna Gum is a rather large and impressive Eucalyptus that dominates the high mountains of north eastern Victoria. One-hundred-foot high trees with massive straight trunks cover the steep slopes of the Great Dividing Ranges southeast of Wangaratta. As you leave the lowland scrub near Wangaratta, Victoria the mountains appear distant and unimposing. It is deceptive. As my guide, Cameron McGregor drove us deeper into the mountains along a rugged 4-wheel drive track, the mountains became steeper, the Manna gums larger and the brambles thicker. We dropped down a very steep ridge and the west branch of the Kiewa river came into view. By the time we reached the river, we were deep in the mountains and the ridges on both sides topped out at 1500 meters, at least 3000 feet above our location—damned near straight up. more…

Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

It is less than 30 days before the trip down under to OZ begins. My last Montana trout trip was well back in October of last year. Winter has been inevitably long here in SW Montana. A couple of saltwater trips to the Florida Gulf Coast reminded me that I still knew how to operate a fly rod, but I do long for some real trout. A new fly shop opened in Bozeman. That’s number eight if you count the two big sporting goods stores. Some California entrepreneur looking to cash in on the trout Mecca that is SW Montana. My fly tying has been pretty much nonstop all winter. First, I had to put together some saltwater boxes and that got me into several new materials and techniques. Of course, the trip to OZ required some serious tying to deal with the bizarre flies they seem to prefer down under. And, as I’ve done in previous years, I needed to tie up a gross of Montana flies as auction material for the annual Madison-Gallatin Trout Unlimited fundraising banquet. In new Tacky Fly Boxes donated by J. Stockard, the flies did their part in helping the MGTU raise over $45,000 at this year’s banquet. more…