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Fly of the Month-January 2017-Sparkle Zonker

Guest Blogger: Justin Bowman

FOM sparkle zonker bowman jan 2016 360x360I tie an unweighted zonker-ish fly variation. I’ve fished this fly the past few years for smallies on my local Midwest rivers. This last year, I’ve also fished it a fair amount for Driftless trout and most recently, on the Missouri River near Craig. I’m sure it will catch fish anywhere there’s hungry fish wanting to survive. On bigger or faster water, I’ll use a 7wt Rio 15ft type six sink tip line and on smaller streams, I’ll use a floating line or various trout versileaders to adjust depth. The color combinations of this fly are infinite, but black, purple, and orange will always be a personal favorite. more…

Fly of the Month – December 2016

Guest Blogger: Paul Beel, FrankenFly

FOM salad shooter for info pageEvery month we feature one fly, give you links to all the ingredients and a full list of steps to complete the fly for yourself. For December 2016, we offer you the SALAD SHOOTER FLYMPH!



Hook: Mustad 94840, Size #12 (This fly was originally designed using the Mustad 94842 up-eye which has been discontinued. We’ve made a down eye substitution.)
Thread: Pearsall’s Gossamer Red Floss
Hackle: Partridge
Tail: Partridge
Body: Spirit River UV2 nymph/caddis dubbing olive spun on a Clark Block* (photo below right)
Rib: UNI Flat Embossed French gold tinsel Xtra Small

Introducing Our Fly of the Month

Guest Blogger: Paul Beel, FrankenFly

FOM Pumpkin Crunch 10 2017 360x360In October we launched a new feature on our site, the Fly of the Month. The first fly we highlighted was the Pumpkin Crunch, a parachute dry fly that you can dead drift while fishing for browns, brookies or rainbow trout. Here’s how to tie it!

Hook: Mustad 94840
Thread: UNI-Thread 6/0 Dark Brown
Body: UNI-Floss Orange
Post: Hi-Vis – White
Hackle: Brown and grizzly
Tail: Turkey fibers