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The River Will Teach You: Speed Nymphing – It Really Can Work!

Guest Blogger: Joe Dellaria, Woodbury, MN, Always Looking to Learn from the River

Long ago when I started my adventure with this hobby (my wife calls it an obsession. I have no idea why – or at least nothing I am willing to admit to), I read several books on fly fishing. That eventually led to various subscriptions to magazines dedicated to the topic. I am well versed in the need to get a natural, drag-free drift when nymphing and using a dry fly. But, I have to say my experience is adding up to say – that’s not always true.

I feel pretty confident in saying that “speed nymphing” has upped the number of large trout I catch. Last year I caught 11 browns between 15”-18” over the course of 25 outings. So far this year, I have 22 browns between 15”-19” in 13 outings. That’s double the fish in nearly half the outings! Most of these have come from “speed nymphing” with the remainder using the “bobber fly fishing” method (described in a previous blog). more…

A Tribute To Those Who Came Before

Vintage Copy of Bergman's Trout

Vintage Copy of Bergman’s Trout

Guest Blogger: Bob Nelson, Sacramento, CA

I was going through some old fly tying stuff and came across a box of 100 #16 Mustad 98480 hooks with a price tag of $1.95. I got me thinking of how lucky I was to have a couple of guys named Richard in my life. Dick Miller was an elementary teacher in Grants Pass, Oregon. In the fifth and sixth grades, we had clubs one day a week as the last period. Mr. Miller started a fly tying club and I joined. I was already familiar with fly fishing as both my older brothers were fly fishermen. My oldest brother, Dick, bought me my first fly rod, a bamboo rod from Montgomery Wards. He taught me how to cast, how to read the water. He showed me how to look through the water to see the fish. My two brothers taught me a lot about camping also, but that’s another story. more…

The Long and Short of It

Guest BloggerChoosing: Michael Vorhis, Michael Vorhis, author of ARCHANGEL suspense thriller, OPEN DISTANCE adventure thriller & more to come.
The debate as to whether size matters has long raged…and nowhere more prominently than among fishermen, in their eternal quest for yet another perfect fly rod. As the years go by we acquire wands we claim are tailored to a variety of precise uses, and those with no obvious specialty we label “backups” or “in case a buddy comes to visit” or whatever else might justify adding them to our collections.

But there’s a layered series of misconceptions held by many as to which rod size is a match for a given size of fish. In particular, many fishermen I meet seem to think the purpose of a short rod on a small stream is to give the little fish a chance. They envision feisty bouts of courage and wit against diminutive denizens, all courtesy of the shortness of the wand. Since they cannot change what lives in their stream, they attack the problem by scaling the rod length down, on the theory that doing so will approximate the sport enjoyed against monster steelhead on legendary western rivers. They call it “giving the small ones a chance.” more…