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Back to Basics – Part 1

Guest Blogger: Phil Rispin, fly fisher, photographer & more, find Phil’s photography here

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For a couple of years after I finished graduate school I coached full time. I worked for the University of Saskatchewan and a private athletic club in Saskatoon Saskatchewan. One of the many lessons I learned there was when an athlete was having trouble with something complicated there was a good chance that good basic skills were not being practiced to accomplish the task. So we would go back to basics and make sure that these very important items were being performed properly. Once I was satisfied that we had a handle on the basics the athlete would then go back to the newer more complicated skill. More often than not he or she would be able to accomplish the task that had been causing so much trouble. more…

Bookworms Are Good Bait

cline bookworms 1Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman MT

There’s probably not a single reader of the J. Stockard Fly Fishing blog that hasn’t at some time in their angling career used some type of BAIT to catch fish. I mean real bait like live minnows, worms, chucks of herring, leeches, Velveeta cheese, stinky catfish nuggets and of course those ubiquitous florescent salmon eggs. Let me know if you are out there and have never once used BAIT.

Bookworms aren’t actually BAIT, but being one can make you a better angler and provide context every time you venture out. I unfortunately (from a storage standpoint) started down the bookworm path with angling related books when I was a teenager, close to half a century ago. The ~750 titles I have today have been read at least twice, some are reviewed regularly. When you add the availability of rare titles in the online public domain, I suspect I’ve read over a thousand books related to angling. (Not that many in the great scheme of things as the Trout and Salmonid Collection at Montana State University contains over 11,000 titles and that’s just related to trout and Salmonids). The great majority of my reads have been related to fly fishing but many were about aspects of general angling of all persuasions. more…

The Quest for Magical Dubbing

camel hair magical dubbingGuest Blogger: Michael Vorhis, author of ARCHANGEL suspense thriller, OPEN DISTANCE adventure thriller, & more to come

I recently obtained a dense clump of “exotic” under-fur, and just knew it would make terrific dubbing…you could tell by the softness…and I also knew I was the first one on Planet Earth ever to consider it for that purpose.

So I stuffed it in my pocket when no one was looking…I was standing near the camel enclosure at the zoo, you see, when the breeze blew a bit of the beast’s fur up against my shoe…and defying all the possible health and contraband laws that may or may not have existed (and if they did exist then I’m making all this up), I vowed to spirit it on home, there to tie a Bird’s Nest nymph with it and see how it handled. more…