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Prominent Wings and High Floating Dry Flies

Guest Blogger: Clay Cunningham, Cody, Wyoming, retired National Park Superintendent

In my opinion the most attractive dry flies to lure a trout to rise and strike has to resemble in color and size an insect the trout recognizes. But, if your fly is not a perfect match to a hatch in progress, or there is no hatch at all…if your fly has prominent, visible wings, if it sets on the water in an upright position, and is a high floater; the odds of having a trout rise to take that fly are improved. You can dramatically increase your chances of having a trout rise to your dry fly presentation if your dry flies have those three attributes of prominent divided wings, the fly lands upright and it floats high on the water.

Very few, if any, store bought commercially tied flies meet the criteria of prominent wings and dependable high floating. Most have well done divided wings, and some have quality stiff hackle barbs to maintain a good float….at least for the first few casts or until the immersion it gets with one fish being caught. Then they become water soaked and tend to sink. You could add silicone dry fly treatment substances to minimize the tendency for the fly to sink or perhaps float lower in the water. With consistent applications of “float chemicals” and false casting to dry the fly you will achieve some success. more…

Wisconsin Flies and Fishing

wisconsin-river-mapGuest Blogger: Perry Morrison aka Montana Guy Flies

I grew up in Montana with a fly pole in my hand and I now live in Wisconsin. I started tying flies at an early age and have continued to tie flies for myself and friends along with sell my flies at a local bait shop. I am constantly adding to my fly tying supplies by ordering from J. Stockard. I can simply say quality materials at a reasonable price keeps me coming back. The materials have helped me to develop some unique flies for fishing a wide range of fish such as pan fish, walleye, musky, northern pike and of course trout, steelhead and salmon. With the competition heavy during the salmon run several individuals are always watching what I am using and asking due to my success in catching king salmon. The local bait shop has given me an outlet for selling my flies. My biggest sellers are my walleye bucktails with scuds and sow bugs for ice fishing. more…

My Evolved Workstation

kunz workstationGuest Blogger: Ray Kunz

My fly tying workstation is not a dedicated area. Our family desk must share multi-tasking with domestic business and my model railroading. Tidiness and portability are paramount. To improve the utility and portability of my workstation over the years my ideal has evolved. I can set up more quickly at home and find it a great aid in transporting to the classes I teach at the local school. I’m not suggesting that these ideas are the best for all folks but just things to consider as options. more…