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The Lines Are Blurred – Who Cares?

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

Bawlker's Art of Angling (1854)

Bawlker’s Art of Angling (1854)

When I had the opportunity to talk with one of the masterminds* behind J. Stockard recently, the subject of what is and is not a fly came up. In simpler terms, when does a fly become something else—a lure, piece of hardware or bait? Is it material, construction technique, size, weight, what? Unfortunately, it is not a simple answer, especially if you hold some reverence for the sport of “fly fishing” and want to maintain some type of boundary between fly fishing and all those other dark side techniques like spinning, bait casting, jigging, trolling, etc. Although one might think this is just a tête-à-tête between natural and synthetic materials there’s more to it than that. We could simply say that if you are using a fly rod and fly line to propel (cast) your “fly” you are fly fishing and whatever is on the end of your tippet is a fly, not a lure. But that pronouncement has serious flaws as there are just too many exceptions and exclusions. more…

Fly Tying – Floss for Dry Flies?

fly tying flossGuest Blogger: Clay Cunningham, Cody, Wyoming, retired National Park Superintendent

Fly tiers have a lot of choices for the bodies of their dry flies including dubbings of various fur, turkey or goose biots, stripped quills of hackle feathers or peacock tail feathers and many other sources they might choose. Whereas floss is most often used in the construction of wet flies, streamers and salmon flies, it can also be used to prepare high floating dry fly dressings. more…

Shea Gunkel’s Shot Glass Baetis

Rusty Brown

Rusty Brown

Guest Blogger: Paul Beel, FrankenFly

I was reminded of Shea Gunkel’s Shot Glass Baetis pattern while browsing Facebook. Shea is one of my friends on Facebook and so this reminded me to write a blog post about this pattern, because it’s a good one! Shea is a guide with SPlatte Guides in Colorado. He works with Hopper Juan Ramirez. Shea brought this pattern to light back in 2011. Also keep in mind this will give the fish something different to look at besides some of the mainstays out there. Give it a SHOT! more…