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Comparaduns, Wet Dubbing & Old Men Who Don’t Understand Trailing Shucks

Guest Blogger: Brandon Sausner

Brandon's Dad

Brandon’s Dad

My father is a lifelong fly fisherman who melds fly names into general categories, built his retirement home on a big cast dry fly stream and tends to favor fluffy Catskill style dry flies. I know he has about 10 fly boxes – mostly dries, some nymphs, and his only streamer being a Hornberg; which isn’t even a streamer. I tie him flies by the pile and as of two years ago I achieved “better than a fly shop” status, and on the patterns he prefers I’m pretty close. Once the fish start rising he fishes 5-7 days a week and places almost nothing over the call of top water action.

When he turned 70 my nine siblings decided to plan a birthday party for him with people flying in from both coasts. It was my job to call and get him to the party. I had to cajole him to forego potential rising trout and only when I lied and said people had already paid for flights did he 100% commit to coming to the party. All that nonsense aside, he’s the best fishing partner in the world. He never says he can’t go and he owns a great Clackacraft that pulls with a 4 cylinder. more…

All That Glitters

Guest Blogger: Mike Vorhis, Fly Fisher & Author, FreeFlight Publishing

Years ago, when I was attending university in Irvine California, my brother Greg came out from back East for a vacation. He wanted to taste the full California experience, so we crammed into the first week long coastal jetties, Caribbean Pirates, America-blaring road trips up Highway 1, bandito beach camp-outs, sand volleyball, one shameless orchard raid for a juicy breakfast orange each…like men possessed. And in the second week we went up into God’s Country. more…

New Guest Blogger – Former National Park Superintendent – Clay Cunningham

Clay Cunningham - Reprinted from Fairbanks (AK) News-Miner circa mid-1980's

Clay Cunningham – Reprinted from Fairbanks (AK) News-Miner circa mid-1980’s

Our newest guest blogger is Clay Cunningham who is retired from the National Park Service where his long career included roles in law enforcement, research biology and as a Park Superintendent.

Most notably, Clay served as Park Superintendent of Denali National Park and Preserve (AK). Over the years he also worked at Yellowstone (Madison sub-district ranger), Theodore Roosevelt (ND), North Cascades (WA), Gateway National Recreation Area (NY/NJ), Southern AZ Group Parks. He retired from the Park Service in 1994 and now lives in Cody, Wyoming.

Author of two books, Yellowstone to Denali and The Christmas Drink, Clay has been a university instructor and has lectured at Washington University, Alaska University and Arizona State University. He has a graduate degree in wildlife natural history.

And Clay says he has been “a fly tier for, good grief, 68 years”.

We welcome Clay to the JS Blog.