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Innovation – The BHDF!

rocky-river-bottom-1587362Guest Blogger: Mike Vorhis, Fly Fisher & Author, FreeFlight Publishing

After much scientific research and with an eye toward catching more and bigger fish, awhile back I began noticing the number of days when no rise rings were evident on the streams I plied. And those days were many. I realized at some point that perhaps putting my dry fly more in front of the fish’s eyes could be an advantage. So, heretical as it may sound, I invented the “bottom-hugging dry fly.”  It’s a clever, insightful, wholly new approach to fly fishing, and is particularly effective if the fly is tied to look like a bug that’s…get this…not very mature. You drift it wherever fish are not rising. The BHDF, my own invention, has thus been born!  I doubt that fly fishing will ever be the same, and I’m now scrambling to write books on “dynamic BHDFing” and “tactical BHDFing” and “Czech BHDFing” (since my buddy Janek reluctantly agreed to try one out after he spilled all his other flies in the river). more…

Share Your Passion For Fly Fishing & Fly Tying

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Fly Tying
We’d like to hear about your ‘go-to’ fly, why and where you fish it. Share information about your most useful fly tying materials, supplies and tools, whether they be old stand-by’s or the latest innovation. Provide detailed patterns for flies you developed, either entirely new creations or variations on tried and true patterns. more…

The Eggie Special

Guest Blogger: Paul Beel, Frankenfly

Eggie Bugby

Eggie Bugby

The Eggie Special is a classic Michigan dry fly that was designed by a Grayling, Michigan fly fishing legend, Eggie Bugby. This fly is known throughout the area, but intricate details have been difficult to solidify. Until now.

I noticed one day last year that fly fisherman and former guide, Robert Woodland, posted a photo of the Eggie Special tied by the late Bob Smock, another legendary fly tyer from Grayling. I thought this might be a correct version, but it wasn’t. more…