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J. Stockard and TU – Partners in Conservation

tu business 2Guest Blogger: Walt Gasson, Director, TU Endorsed Businesses
It’s fall – the absolute best time of the year here in Wyoming. The nights are crisp and the days are warm. The aspen are brilliant gold. The elk are bugling, the brook trout are already spawning and the browns won’t be far behind. It’s simply a splendid time to be out on the water.

We love fall fishing in the west. We suffer through winter cold and ice in the guides, we exult in that brief interval before peak runoff blows our streams out, then settle into the summer fishing – dries early on, then terrestrials. We might even swing a few streamers now and then – actually quite a bit. By this time, we’re sun-browned and sure of ourselves, any early season doubts about gear or jitters about fly selection are way behind us. We’re fly anglers. Not perfect, but competent and improving. more…

Killer by Josephine Sedlecky-Borsum

Photo and fly by the author

Photo and fly by the author

Guest Blogger: Paul Beel, Frankenfly

The Killer is a general caddis attractor pattern designed by Josephine Sedlecky-Borsum back in the 1950’s. Josephine was the owner of Ed’s Sport Shop in Baldwin, Michigan, from 1945 until her retirement in 1992.

Jo, as her friends called her, and her husband Ed purchased an old abandoned gas station and turned it into a sports shop. While Ed finished his duty in the military, Jo got the shop up on its feet and running by the time he returned. She was an avid hunter and as good with a fly rod as most of her male counterparts. So it was no wonder she didn’t have any trouble getting the shop business started and running. more…

Avail Yourself, It Pays Off – Part Two

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, MT

Avail 2Once you have committed to a guided fishing trip, there is an obligation on your part to be prepared for it.

I will freely admit that for some of the trips I’ve taken over the years I was unprepared and that lack of preparation did impact the fulfillment of the expectations I had set for myself. My failure to be prepared was a direct result of me not asking the right questions and making assumptions about the trip that didn’t come to fruition. Of course it is easy to blame the outfitter or guide if the trip doesn’t meet your expectations but having a frank discussion with the outfitters and guides prior to the trip really helps establish joint expectations that can usually be fulfilled. more…