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Tricks & Shortcuts: A Baker’s Dozen #1-6

Guest Blogger: Michael Vorhis, Fly Fisher & Author, FreeFlight Publishing

Here are a handful of do-it-yourself shortcuts I’ve used to make my time on the water more efficient, better equipped, more pleasant.  (Note that this list may lean partially toward stream wading.) more…

Season’s End

Firehole River "The Last Day" 2014

Firehole River “The Last Day” 2014

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, Montana

In Southwest Montana, season’s end doesn’t happen on any specific date. Most of our larger rivers are open year round. Other than Yellowstone Park and a lot of small streams, hardy anglers can fish anytime they want. Rather what happens is that November eventually begins with hope of a few more good days but by the end of the month most sane anglers have packed away the gear for the winter. Compared to mid-summer, fishable days are few. The brown trout spawn is over, rainbow and cutthroats are now languishing in waters just above freezing and only the veritable whitefish shows much activity. The days are shortening fast, the wind, rain/snow and freezing cold more likely than not. Early ice jams on bigger rivers portend dangerous fishing through the winter months. The last few weeks in November in Montana are sometimes just best spent reflecting on the season and anticipating the next. more…

A Choice: Fly Rod Building or Fly Rod Making

fly on a bamboo rodGuest Blogger: Scott Nilsson, High Desert Bamboo Fly Rods

Anyone want to make fly rods, instead of build or assemble them? Both endeavors are rewarding and a lot of fun. I decided to make fly rods using bamboo. Give it a try.

My name is Scott Nilsson and I have fly fished since 1972. As many of you, know, this sport can reward an individual in a variety of ways. As does a river, the rewards of fly fishing change in many ways over the years and always offer different opportunities. more…