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Fishing Alone – An Oxymoron

Guest Blogger: Mike Cline, Bozeman, MT
I must admit that I am a loner when it comes to fishing. It’s not because I don’t like to fish with other people, but taking the effort to organize and coordinate two or three schedules just gets in the way of being on the water. I’d estimate that 9 out of 10 times I am on the water I’ve made the trip alone. I think the real reason I get to fish alone is that I almost always try to get on the river before dawn. That can mean some pretty early alarms, especially in mid-summer when the destination is 120 miles from center. Most of the guys and gals that I do end up fishing with don’t know how to get out of bed before 8AM. I tell them they can sleep in the car, but that rarely moves the needle. So, many more times than not, I am on the river at dawn, alone, hunting trout. This is where the Oxymoron comes in.

Bald and Golden Eagles watch me fish on the Big Hole

Bald and Golden Eagles watch me fish on the Big Hole

You can never be alone on a Southwest Montana or Yellowstone River at dawn. Where ever I go, nature – the birds, mammals and fish – are there. In some places they are almost omnipresent. Their absence would be noticed. I fish a stretch of the Big Hole River outside of Twin Bridges at least a half dozen times every season. Less than a mile upriver from the put in there’s always a watchful Bald Eagle high up in a Cottonwood snag. At times the Balds are accompanied by a pair of Golden Eagles. They watch as I slowly fish past their home rarely leaving the snag.

The Rite™ Bobbin – A Popular Fly Tying Tool

rite bobbin 2The Rite™ Bobbin from Merco Products in Nye, MT is one of our most popular fly tying tools. We sell 100’s every year!

Like an auto mechanic’s torsion wrench (before the days of air-driven wrenches), this bobbin takes the guesswork out of winding thread, and all but eliminates breakage at the same time. Each model features a solid brass arm and a click drag adjustment to regulate the thread tension. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, these bobbins deliver maximum thread control thanks to their unique brass tension wheel and top-quality components. This is a super-functional bobbin with micro-adjustable-tension and it is one of the best fly tying tools on the market today. To quote the manufacturer, “ONLY A SPIDER HAS BETTER THREAD CONTROL”.

rite bobbin standardTo learn more about the Rite Bobbin, take a look at these introductory videos describing how to use the various models available.

We stock the three most popular Rite Bobbins. Try one this tying season.

Stupid Questions

Guest Blogger: Mike Vorhis, Fly Fisher & Author, FreeFlight Publishing

Fell_for_Prince_CharmingFirst let me apologize to the truly adept trout fishermen who may happen upon these notes, which probably won’t be of great value to you. I offer them more to novitiates and intermediates who have walked into the golden light of fly fishing and who love it with great fervor, but who just may not have hundreds of years in it…yet. Maybe a wayward comment here or there can stick and make a difference some day. And now on to the thought I’d like to express:

There are stupid questions people ask that prove to be a disservice to the listener–inquiries that are actually assertions, and that assume some tenet that’s just plain false. more…