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‘KISS’ing A Spanish Mackerel

SPANISH-MACKERALFrom Guest Blogger: Paul

Keep It Short (or Small) and Simple – good advice for preachers and for flies, especially for saltwater. I fish a lot for Spanish Mackerel and approach fly design with two priorities – small flies with big eyes. I like flies to be an inch to an inch and a half (much smaller than store bought saltwater flies) but with big eyes. I use either Baitfish Emulator Flash (BEF) or just plain white marabou on short shank hooks. more…

Closing The Loop

closing the loop copyFrom Guest Blogger: Tom Lipscomb

It’s not as if we need to do everything “Fly Fishy”, but on the other hand… there is something special about landing a fish on a fly that came from your vise.  For those of you who don’t tie, it’s really worth doing.  I have trouble getting to good water as often as I’d like, so when I’m suffering from withdrawals, I go to my vise.  There is something incredibly relaxing about sitting at the vise at night.  All of the day’s problems seem somehow less important, and looking at a tiny parachute ready to add to the collection in my box, takes me away to a place and time where I’d rather be. more…

Classic Flies Improve Your Tying Skills

That First Jock Scott

That First Jock Scott

From Guest Blogger: Eunan Hendron, Eunan blogs @ Addicted to Vise

In December 2011 I got back on the tying wagon after about 12 years off. I decided I wanted to tie a classic salmon fly, the Jock Scott. I got all my materials together and tied that sucker for all I was worth, and it was rubbish. Undeterred, I tied a similarly poor effort, and subsequently ended up on a tying journey since then which has brought me both great dismay yet an immeasurable amount of pleasure that still continues today. more…