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Choices (Always Choose Fly Fishing)

Guest Blogger: Allen Bell, republished from the Aguabonita Fly Fishers and Southern Sierra Fly Fishers club newsletters.

Expert Fly Tyers Passing Along Their Skills

Expert Fly Tyers Passing Along Their Skills

Young Trey had a choice to make. Would he rather have warm dry feet or does he want to catch a fish? What a dilemma this turned out to be. We were at the Southern Sierra Fly Fishers Club Kids Academy. I had just spent the day teaching young fly fishers how to tie flies. (Might be a good idea for me to learn how to do it properly myself before next year, but that’s another story.) I really enjoy doing the Kids Academy. I enjoy seeing my friends, I always like to give back to the sport in some small way. Mainly though, I like being around the kids. They have an exuberance about them that rubs off on me. That is the main reason I choose to participate in this event every year. more…

Fishing The Sabine River

sabine river James BJ. Stockard recommends this post from James Belekanich of

The Sabine River above Toledo Bend is known as one of Texas’ premiere white bass spawning runs.  East Texas gets a lot more rain than other regions of the state.  Rivers like the Sabine, Neches and Trinity are full and healthy.

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