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Picking New Products – The Customer Is Always Right

new for CCOne of the most fun parts of working at J. Stockard Fly Fishing is discovering and adding new products to our store. We get ideas for new products from our suppliers and our customers – the two sides of our supply and demand picture. We like customers’ ideas the most, for several reasons.

First, the fact that a customer wants us to carry a product is the surest sign that there is real demand for it – it’s not just a “solution in search of a problem”. If more than one or two customers ask for the same product that will usually clinch our decision. Recent examples of this are Wapsi’s Palmer Chenille (on route to us now) and the expansion of hook size offerings for Daiichi 1150, 1720 and 1750; Mustad R50-U and Classic 3366; and TMC200R. more…

Three Hours of Humbling Hell!

The top four winners of the USA Fly Fishing Comp.

From Guest Blogger: Rich Redman

Hurricane Irene may have torn up Essex County (NY) roads and some of the rivers, but even after all the flooding and destruction, the West Branch of the Ausable is still a haven for fly fishing. The floodplains and wetlands, along with the rock and boulder habitat are still home to stream bugs and trout. Those same attributes saved the river from destruction, protecting the banks and allowing the waters to rise and recede naturally. The upper river is still wild and free!


Why Fly Fishers Care About What Fish See

fish eyeHere at J. Stockard our business of offering a wide range of fly tying products often involves stocking a huge selection of colors in many different products. Just consider one popular product group – Flashabou from Hedron.

In basic Flashabou we stock 27 different colors and five of them are varying shades of green! Our whole range of Flashabou products involves nine different varieties, each with different optical properties, offered in 80+ colors! This plethora of color and flash among our fly tying products often makes us wonder – what exactly do fish see? more…