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Hareline Beadmaster Tool


The Beadmaster Tool makes handling fly tying beads simple! Made in the USA this tool has 6 different sized sockets to hold beads in place so you can simply slide them over your fly tying hook - no more hunting down dropped beads. Easier to use than tweezers, you'll pay for it in fewer lost beads in no time. Plus no more finger pricks! Learn more about the BeadMaster in this short video.

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It Actually Works!

Reviewer: from Fredericksburg, VA

I started tying with 1.5mm and 2.0mm beads several months ago and found it was a chore to mount such small beads on sizes #20 - #24 hooks. Products such a Bead Nabber made the job a little easier, but I was still fumbling while trying to stick tiny hooks in the correct side of conically drilled brass or tungsten beads. In desperation I ordered the Beadmaster. The formed cups hold a size 1.5mm bead firmly enough and allow a tier to see both sides of holes. The bonus was a strong magnet at the opposite end, which allows the tier to pick up a hook. Here's a tip. Pick up the hook at the bend so the hook eye end of the hook may be grabbed to insert the spear end of the hook into the bead. Now it's no longer a chore for me to mount a bead on a #22 hook and tie Zebra and other midges. It seems a little pricey, but it is a well-made product. This is one gadget that truly works.

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Makes beading a hook easier

Reviewer: from Seattle, WA USA, area

I debated whether to buy this due to the price. Just buy it! It took the frustration out of putting beads on hooks. The magnet on the end easily collects beads and hooks but is not so strong it grabs the whole container, and you can strip off the extras easily. Slip the correct slot over the bead, then thread your hook through. I do use it over my fly bench or catch basket as on rare occasions a bead will pop out.

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Worth every penny.

Reviewer: from Lancaster PA

I tie dozens of beadhead nymphs a year for myself and my friends. This tool has sped up my tying and reduced my 'lost' beads to close to zero. No more bending over to pick up errant beads, no more expensive tungsten beads going missing, no more frustration. If you tie with beads, buy one!

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Very handy tool

Reviewer: from Upstate New York

I really like the beadmaster tool, its well thought out, with a magnet at one end to pick up small hooks and a bead holder on the opposite end in several common sizes that are well marked. Simply slid the tool over the bead, pick up a hook with the magnet, put it through the bead and your ready to tie. Really handy tool.

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Easy to use tool

Reviewer: from Rome, Ga.

I have spent a lot of time on my knees looking for beads that I have dropped ...this tool will end that ...easy to use, easy to work with ... thanks

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