Arizona Mega Simi Seal

by: AZ Fly Fishing | Item#: SM-012322-0000
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AZ Fly Fishing Arizona Mega Simi Seal
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black $1.95
black peacock $1.95
black UV $1.95
blood leech $1.95
boysenberry $1.95
bronze peacock $1.95
Canadian brown $1.95
Canadian olive $1.95
deep leech $1.95
firecracker $1.95
golden shiner $1.95
olive $1.95
peacock $1.95
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Like AZ Simi Seal, this coarse nymph dubbing blend of mohair with synthetics added for flash and body. Use wherever seal is called for. The MEGA version is half again as long as regular Simi Seal, better for longer leeches or bigger baitfish patterns.

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