Whiting Hen Cape

by: Whiting Farms | Item#: NM-630240-0000
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Whiting Farms is known for the superior quality of their fly tying hackle and these hen capes live up to that reputation. The partially webby feathers are great for legs, dry fly wings and nymph and streamer collars, and the hackle size is typically 6 to 20. The length of the cape is about 8 inches overall.


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Reviewer: from Alpha, NJ US

Its amazing how altered these chicken from whiting are. The cape is very heavily packed with quills as all whiting capes are. The tips on the cape in my opinion are to pointed for proper wings, plus not to many to wing size 12,and 14, and few 16. The real kicker here is you could honestly use the hackle as for dries, no kidding. Not much web at all. Genetics.

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Excellent for Palmered Hackle Wet Flies

Reviewer: from Glendale, AZ US

The Whiting hen capes are excellent for palmering hackle on wet flies. When tying wet flies that require hackle barb lengths to be 1 2/2 to 2 times the hook gape, it is difficult to find soft hackle stems with approprate length for palmering. The whiting cape stems meet this requirement. The stems are thin/flexable and do not crack or split when wrapping. Great for wooly buggers and make Beautiful classic wet flies.

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Very good

Reviewer: from Little Elm, TX US

These are very good for the price. I use them for wet fly hackle and am not dissapointed. They are of the same high standards as the dry fly capes and look really good with a lot of material in a lot of sizes. The feathers have a longer length for tying which makes them easier to use than the other options out there.

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Great for palmered flies

Reviewer: from Brunswick, GA USA

I use these for whooly buggers and palmered fresh and saltwater flies. The hen hackles just give way more action than the saddle hackles. You just have to tie in a second hackle half way up the fly for bigger flies.

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Great Hackle

Reviewer: from south eastern us

Whiting scores again with this product.
I have used there 100 packs for dry flys but recieved a hen cape as a gift, already used some of the larger weby feathers as hackle on some buggers and expect the smaller feathers will work great for some wings on an adams pattern, as well as collars on some prince nymphs, very happy with the quality of these feathers and they have many uses, a must have for the avid fly tyer!

Thank you J Stockard!!!

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