Stretch Tubing

by: Wapsi | Item#: SM-750156-0000
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micro amber $3.25
micro black $3.25
micro brown $3.25
micro fl. chartreuse $3.25
micro clear $3.25
micro copper $3.25
micro green $3.25
micro gray $3.25
micro olive $3.25
micro orange $3.25
micro red $3.25
micro rust $3.25
micro shrimp pink $3.25
micro tan $3.25
micro wine $3.25
medium black $3.25
medium clear $3.25
medium olive $3.25
medium red $3.25
small black $3.25
small brown $3.25
small fl. chartreuse $3.25
small clear $3.25
small olive $3.25
small red $3.25
small rust $3.25
small shrimp pink $3.25
small tan $3.25
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Hollow tubing with lots of stretch and good memory. Excellent for midges or wrapping a segmented body. You can thread colored wire though the tubing or it can be filled with liquid for different optical effects.


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