Wapsi Hard Foam Popper Bodies w/ Hooks

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Hard Foam Popper Bodies w/ Hooks

by: Wapsi | Item #: SM-750058-0000

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quantity Style Size your price
bream size 10 $5.75
bream size 12 $5.75
pencil size 1 $6.95
pencil size 4 $5.95
saltwater size 2/0 $7.15
saltwater size 2 $6.85
TCS size 1 or 2 $5.35
TCS size 4 $5.35
TCS size 6 $5.35
TCS size 8 $5.35

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If you're just starting out tying poppers or making a small number of them, these sets are your best choice. The hard foam bodies come with matched Mustad Signature CK52S hooks, 10 of each per package. Assembly instructions are included. Use only acrylic paint. Choose from 4 styles - tapered, cupped and slotted (TCS); saltwater for big fish; pencil; and small bream - and 9 sizes.


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Perfect For Panfish

Reviewer: A viewer from BOURG, LA USA

I and my mentor tie these religously. And the bream cannot leave it alone! We paint size 12's in a variety of colors and with different tails and the fish go bonkers for them! But be careful not to overload the tail!

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Wapsi Hard Foam Poppers

Reviewer: A viewer from KESWICK, VA USA

I ordered these poppers on a whim, figuring that I would at least try making my own for bass.
Using sharpies and epoxy my poppers actually turned out great! The Foam doesn't fit on the hooks provided terribly well (size 1), however this is easily fixed with some "Zap the Gap". If using sharpie markers, let the ink dry for 6 hours before applying the epoxy. You can burn a hole in the side with a sharp, molten paper clip heated over a stove. You can then easily pull rubber legs through the body.
All in all, I will be buying again. The Foam bodies were incredibly durable, they held the colored sharpie ink, and they did not warp or melt when the epoxy was added on.

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Great Product

Reviewer: A viewer from Rochester, NY US

I use all sizes of these and love that they come with the kinked hook. No need to figure out hook size, or a way to prevent the hook from rolling around. I use superglue to set the hook, then fill the slot with Elmers wood putty, then color and coat. Great products!

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Great Popper Bodies For Panfish

Reviewer: A viewer from Minnesota, US

These popper bodies(TCS 8) are perfect size for bluegills... Good and sturdy popper bodies that can take a beating all day long

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great product and price

Reviewer: A viewer from NY US

I sure like these kits for the bluegills. Little drop of CA locks in the hook, and the slit cut in the foam is nice and tight. Foam heads are nice firm material.

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