Weekender UPG Fly Box

by: Umpqua | Item#: AC-907010-0000
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Umpqua Weekender UPG Fly Box
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This versatile box will carry large streamers/dries to the smallest bugs, and in quantities to handle multiple days on the water. Magnets and micro-slit foam for the tiny stuff and multi-purpose FlyTrap foam for the rest. Olive see-through lids. 7.5 x 4.5 x 1.3 inches.

Other Details

UPG Fly Boxes offer these innovative features: 1) Weather Proof—Two molded silicon rings keep out Mother Nature, 2) Zerust® Corrosion Protection—A tab that emits a vapor that coats all metal and virtually eliminates rusty hooks, 3) Flytrap® Foam System—Alternating slit placement that eliminates conflicts in fly placement, increasing fly capacity, and 4) Foam Design—Micro-slit designed specifically with small flies in mind. Mega-slit is the perfect combination of extra-thick and dense foam keeps biggest flies in place. All have see-through lids. For more details, see the spec sheet in the product images.


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Absolutely Awesome Box

Reviewer: from Gloucester, MA

As the other reviewer mentioned, you can get a truly awesome number of flies into this box without forcing anything at all. I have only just started using it, but the material quality seems good and I don't have any concerns about durability!

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One box to rule them all!

Reviewer: from Western Canada

I recently got this 'Weekender' box and a 'Streamer' box. My 'Streamer' box will hold my Deceivers and larger Buggers, Zonkers, etc. that I use mostly for Pike. But I am putting *all* my other flies (for all other species) in this 'Weekender' box.

Overall the box is well made: seems like good water sealing, 2 zerust tabs (1 per side), built-in tethering loop (you supply your own zinger or string), easy opening/closing lids, strong foam, etc. So I've started moving my flies (i.e., buzzers, dries, soft hackles, nymphs, hoppers and other terrestrials, and smaller streamers and bugs) from 2 other boxes (each about 4 x 6 x 1.5") to this one. I'm going to have lots of room left over. I think this box could easily hold 200-300 flies, depending on their size. Unless you fish a gazillion patterns in a gazillion sizes then this UPG 'Weekender' box might be the only box you have to carry all season.

Of course, the 'Weekender' it is a big box and it is bit heavy. If minimalism is your game then this probably is not best choice for you.

(Note: The box colour is actually a brighter green than the picture suggest. IMO the actual colour is more attractive than the photo.)

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worth it

Reviewer: from shenandoah valley, virginia

It isn't easy for me to spend $40 on a fly box, but I feel it was money well spent. I was able to consolidate the 3 boxes I normally carry into this one box, with room left over. The long slits are the best I have seen for streamers. The magnetic areas replaced my midge box. Like other Umpqua boxes, it is well made and the latches are easily operated with one hand. It is a little heaver than average, but it is lighter than the 3 boxes I was carrying which lets me free up a lot of space in my hip pack.

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My Favorite Box

Reviewer: from Vermont/Alaska

I use one of these as my dry fly box. The slit foam in the middle intended for small streamers is great for parachute flies and the magnets are great for tiny midge nymphs I often use as droppers off of a dry fly. There is plenty of over head space for those BIG dry flies also. The box is constructed to last a lifetime and after two years in my bag it still looks new. This winter all of my boxes will be changed over to Umpqua boxes since my others are used up.

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