Fly Tie Bone Dry Ultra Thin Formula

by: Solarez Products | Item#: OF-901240-0000
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Solarez Products Fly Tie Bone Dry Ultra Thin Formula
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Tack-free and sets quickly w/ 5sec UV light shining

Reviewer: from South-eastern PA, USA

This stuff dries crystal-clear, almost like the clear lego bricks if you have a kid that uses them. Totally tack-free, which is what sets it apart from the competitors. Also, it is hard and sets up with just a 5 to 7 second "hit" with the UV torch / flashlight. If it gums up on you, the package says simply loosen the cap, pop in the microwave for 10 seconds, recap and shake, and you're good to go - I was a doubter, but can attest that it works and makes it just like new! The only reason it would gum up is due to storage in colder temps than recommended - like a basement in the winter, or such. The product is amazing, and I'm thrilled that JStockard is carrying it. Easily my favorite UV cure glue, and at the fly shows, this is on roughly half of the tyers' benches, which says a lot considering the variety of flies and even fly types (dries, nymphs, wets, streamers, full-dress salmon, spey and dee, etc.) that were tied at this most recent show I was just at. While I prefer the purple/blue bottle for copper johns, I reach for this bone dry ultra thin for most other applications, and most other tiers tend to have this variety on their benches at the shows.

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