Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple

by: Skip Morris | Item#: BV-808060-0000
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In this DVD, Skip Morris takes you step-by-step through tools, materials, hooks, the tying of some excellent fly patterns; and gives you valuable insight into how to avoid problems and tie fine flies. DVD format, 120 minutes.


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You get what you are paying for

Reviewer: from Killingworth, CT US

I have this book and I must say that it can get a bit complex to the EXTREME beginner, but for someone between a beginer and an intermediate tier, this is a good book. It was worth my money.

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The video is Clear and Simple

Reviewer: from Bethany, MO US

The video takes something that can be confusing to read, especially for beginners, and makes it Clear and Simple. I had struggled with my fly tying for a few months and then I got the video and everything started to fall into place. I had been tying flies that were out of proportion and not very pretty, this video helped me by showing me how to measure my materials better.

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Not bad

Reviewer: from Omaha, NE US

This was the first book that I bought prior to starting to tie. This book gives you a few basic patterns and some pretty good instructions for tieing them. Overall it is a pretty good book, I only wished it had more patterns within it.

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Great book for starters!

Reviewer: from Utah

I was worried about buying this book and it not being useful. Wrong. It is extremly useful and gets newbees off on the right hand. Extremly helpful and i would just buy it if your just starting out or you need a little help.

P.S all pics are in color

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Reviewer: from Salt Lake, UT US

Im 16 and finally decided to learn to tie my own flies. At first i started out with a kit that didn't come with a book. Big mistake! It was a very frustrating experience! But i finally decided to get this book. Great decision! I was tying quality flies in no time. Just do yourself a huge favor ( if your starting out), JUST BUY IT!
Good luck

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