Straggle String Micro Chenille

by: Semperfli | Item#: SM-700360-0000
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Semperfli Straggle String Micro Chenille
quantity Color your price
standard collection $6.35
naturals collection $6.35
steelhead collection $6.35
SF0050 black $3.95
SF5300 brown olive $3.95
SF2050 copper brown $3.95
SF6100 dark green olive $3.95
SF7250 fl. green rhyacophilla $3.95
SF4150 fl. orange $3.95
SF6050 green olive $3.95
SF6250 insect green olive $3.95
litchen $3.95
SF3050 maroon $3.95
SF5200 golden olive $3.95
SF6150 olive $3.95
SF6200 pale olive $3.95
SF3300 red $3.95
SF5450 sunburst $3.95
SF1000 white $3.95
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With a fine core and a wide range of colors selected especially for fly tying, this chenille has loose 4mm fibers with reflective and refractive properties for insect-like iridescence and subtle UV effects. The fine core is well proportioned for hook sizes down to 20 and, with less water absorbed, is also good for dry flies. 4 meters per spool.Click on Other Details for lists of colors in the collections.

Other Details

Standard collection includes black, maroon, brown olive, gray, teal, fl. pink, dark claret, red, fl. orange, fl. yellow. Naturals collection includes maroon, copper brown, mustard, insect green olive, litchen, olive, green olive, black, iron blue, gray. Steelhead collection includes olive, fl. yellow, fl. green rhyacophilla, orange, fl. red, fl. orange, fl. light pink, fl. pink, red, brown olive.


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Straggle String Caddis

Reviewer: from Black Hawk Co. USA

I've been looking for a way to tie a Pharate caddis that is faster and easier than a LaFontaine deep sparkle pupa. Antron in a dubbing loop is as much work as a LaFontaine and didn't give me the effect I was looking for. When I found Straggle String on your web site l tried it and was amazed at the results. Not only did it give me the sparkle I was looking but the color contrast in the string makes a perfect rib. When wet it blends with the dubbing material to look more natural than wire or tinsel. The only problem I had was the string tends to pull off the back of a curved hook. To correct that I dubbed a tighter body and added a turn to the twist of the string and pulled it tighter into the dubbing. As a result the sparkle material was shortened slightly and took some of the flow out of the sparkle material. A 5 or 6 mm length would be perfect? Fishing results have been positive with green or tan with contrasting ribs. Over dressing is a common problem and I think Straggle String addresses the problem in a positive way. Thank you Semperfli and J.S.

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