Nano Silk Thread 18/0

by: SemperFli | Item#: TW-151180-0000
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SemperFli Nano Silk Thread 18/0
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This thread is a stranded form of GSP which has incredible strength for its size. Advertised as "almost unbreakable", it allows tying techniques never before possible while minimizing thread build-up on small flies. Loosely twisted, it is the only GSP thread that can be split for dubbing loops, although it is fine enough to be doubled for loops without excessive build-up. The white thread takes marker colors easily. This 30 denier thread has a breaking strength of 40 oz. (1.14 kg). 50 yd. per spool. See Other Details for more information on its strength.

Other Details

GSP fibers are quite tough and can damage edges on fine scissors and stainless bobbins. The makers recommend using a ceramic bobbin and cutting with a razor blade. This thread is very durable, however UV cure and water-based cements can be used for appearance or texture. Solvent-based glues and coatings are not recommended. This thread consists of 16 strands, each of which has a weight of about 2 denier and a breaking strength of about 2.6 oz. (75 grams). The user can split the thread into individual strands or twist any number of strands into thread. Two strands would have a weight of 4 denier and a strength of about 5 oz. Four strands would be 8 denier and 9.8 oz. Eight strands would be 15 denier and 19.6 oz. (560 grams).


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