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RodDancer ThreadMaster Lite Formula Thread Finish

ThreadMaster Lite Formula Thread Finish

by: RodDancer | Item #: OR-094020-0000

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The popular ThreadMaster Lite Formula retains all of the desirable high performance attributes of ThreadMaster High Build, but with a few added features. Its viscosity is reduced by about 35% compared to High Build, giving the user the ultimate in thread saturation along with a thinner, less intrusive final topcoat. Additionally the lower viscosity provides a virtually bubble free mix along with increased flexibility. The pot life is also increased, for those who prefer a longer open time, or for the production builder coating multiple rods with one batch of finish. As always, ThreadMaster Lite retains the water white long term clarity it's become famous for. Perfect for all rods where the builder prefers a low build, multiple coat application, or use as a primer coat, and then top with ThreadMaster High Build. Note: If expedited or international shipping is required, an extra shipping charge will be applied; please call for a shipping quote.

Other Details

RodDancer recommends to get the best possible finish: Mix very throughly, introduce as few bubbles in the mix as possible, and avoid flame to disperse bubbles but rather blow them out with a straw. After mixing, pour out on a flat surface to disperse any bubbles that might have occured during mixing. (Tip: You can make a flat piece out of aluminum foil approx 3x3 with some sides to prevent the epoxy from spilling and let it rest for a few minutes.) The lite formula has a very long "pot life" so dispersing the bubbles prior to applying is easily done.

Shipping Info

If expedited or international shipping is required, an extra shipping charge will be applied.


Average Customer Rating: (5 Reviews) Write Review


Reviewer: A viewer from Philadelphia, PA US

When I started back into building a couple of years back, I tried Regular TM, a great product over its competitors. After TM Lite hit the market, I heard nothing but glowing reviews. Eventually (when my TM was low!) I purchsed TM Lite and was not disappointed. Easy mix, LOW bubbles, and a great final finish. With regular TM I usually used two applications, one heavy, one very light for finishing(a lot of wicking off- can be time consuming). With TM Lite, I still use two coats, but I don't have to spend as much time wicking the second coat, thus saving epoxy and pot time.

Go for it, great stuff.

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Great for beginners

Reviewer: A viewer from Madison, MS US

This stuff is easier to apply and doesn't have as many bubbles and levels well compared to FC. This is my goto finish and it dries gin clear without looking plastic like.

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Good stuff

Reviewer: A viewer from Scott Depot, WV US

Time will tell if this formula will hold up, but for now a glass smooth crystal clear finish is good enough for me.

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Clear as a Raindrop and Level

Reviewer: A viewer from JACKSON, WY USA

I enjoyed using Threadmaster lite formula the first time. It took a little longer to dry but for a finish that is crystal clear and self leveling that is a tiny price to pay. I swithced from Flex Coat but don't think Flext Coat is bad. The clarity and self leveling of Threadmaster is just a bit better and friends that look at the rods I've built notice the wraps immediately. They look clean and the colors shine through.

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Sticky at first but Dries diamond hard and clear

Reviewer: A viewer from Jackson, Wyoming

After a friend suggested using this because it was an easy finish to use I tried it. The mixing is easy as was the application. One of the things I learned is if the thread isn't absorbing the finish apply a little heat using a lighter, alcohol lamp. I heated mine before mixing by holding the bottles under warm water and it worked and dried evenly when using a drying machine.

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