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RodDancer Pit Paste Cork Gap Filler

Pit Paste Cork Gap Filler

by: RodDancer | Item #: OR-094040-0000

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1 oz. $3.75

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This is a professional cork surface filler in package sizes that are convenient for use by pros and amateurs alike. Use it to fill the small voids in today's imperfect cork rings and grips. After it has dried, you can sand the surface and it will substantially improve the appearance and feel of the grip.


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Reviewer: A viewer from Greensboro, NC US

I purchased this in combination with the product cork seal. The objective was to recondition the beat up heavily pitted handle of my fathers old fly rod. I used this pit paste to fill in some rather sizable pits in places before coating the handle with cork seal. It worked very well. Very recommendable, and i'd go further to suggst utilizing seal on any handle after you fill in your chips and pits with the pit paste.

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