RIO Products Powerflex Trout Tippet

Powerflex Trout Tippet

by: RIO Products | Item #: LL-212010-0000

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quantity Size Weight your price
0.013" 20 lb. $4.95
0.015" 25 lb. $4.95
0.017" 30 lb. $4.95
0.019" 35 lb. $4.95
0.021" 40 lb. $4.95 $3.79
0.025" 60 lb. $4.95 $3.79
0x 15 lb. $4.95
1x 13 lb. $4.95
2x 10 lb. $4.95
3x 8.2 lb. $4.95
4x 6.4 lb. $4.95
5x 5.0 lb. $4.95
6x 3.4 lb. $4.95
7x 2.4 lb. $4.95
8x 1.5 lb. $4.95
0X-2X 3-pack $12.95
3X-5X 3-pack $12.95
4X-6X 3-pack $12.95

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A high tenacity copolymer with excellent knot strength, abrasion-resistance, stretch and suppleness. Sometimes called double strength nylon. Used for all species, the light gray provides superb camouflage in any sub-aquatic environment. Powerflex has the perfect combination of elongation and tenacity, and RIO will match it against any competing brand, any time. Available in single spools or in 3 packs containing 1 spool each of 3 different sizes. 30 yards in sizes up to 25 lb. strength, less for heavier weights.


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Not expensive and ery good

Reviewer: A viewer from BOURGES, 18000 BOURGES FR

I purchase some spool of many brand for test. And, after one year of use of 6X and 7X, i found the rio was a very good compromise for price, strong and elasticity

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What I heard and what I know!

Reviewer: A viewer from Greenville, SC US

What I heard...On a recent visit to an orvis dealer in spokane I was told that this tippet was the strongest in comparison to its diameter and was manufactured in the same place as orvis tippet. What I know...Either way this tippet is great. It is stiff allowing for easy knots and turnover and cheap enough to share.

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The Best

Reviewer: A viewer from Fairchance, PA US

I have went through many brands of tippet but three years ago I started using Rio Power Flex. Since then I have used nothing else. For its diameter its strength is comparable to some brands of flourocarbon while its ebrasion resistance is amazing. Its price is quite nice too. From Blue Gill to Steelhead and beyond its my choice for tippet.

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Rio powerflex tippet

Reviewer: A viewer from Holland, MI US

This tippet is great. I've tried many other brands and i believe that this is the best mono tippet for the price. It has great flexibility, suppleness, stiffness and strength. I remember once when i got my fly caught on a log while fishing a small stream, i pulled the fly and tried to break the line. I expected to break my line but my fly shot back at me and I had actually broken the hook. The brand was a very popular company and ya it was probably a defective hook but regardless, i was amazed at the strength of the tippet. Try some.

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The best there is

Reviewer: A viewer from Potter County, PA

The way this stuff stretches is great. The stretch allows it to absorb hard runs from big fish. The color blends right into the water.

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