Pro Ultra Sonic Disc

by: Pro Sportfisher | Item#: SM-745070-0000
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Pro Sportfisher Pro Ultra Sonic Disc
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small gold $6.95 $4.89
small gunsmoke $6.95 $4.89
small black $6.95 $4.89
medium black $6.95 $4.89
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The latest tube fly disc design and the world's first brass disc with holes. Similar to the Soft Sonic Disc but with holes and a little bit of weight. The Pro Ultra Sonic Disc shape is very easy to lift off the water due to the venting holes, while maintaining the ability to create a vortex behind the disc, allowing soft modern materials to swim freely instead of collapsing in hard current. Quantity in package - small size: 10, medium: 9, large: 8.


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