Pro Tube Classic

by: Pro Sportfisher | Item#: SM-745040-0000
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large fl. orange $5.95 $4.19
large fl. pink $5.95 $4.19
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These cut-to-length, extruded tubes with Pro Tube's system-compatible diameters allow you to tie tube flies in smaller sizes. Made in the best material available, and as a new twist to the game Pro Sportfisher added sparkle dots into the tube material. The tubes are sold in wrap tube packages with couplings at the ends. Multiple wrap tubes can be connected end-to-end for easy storage and selection of colors/sizes. 6 pieces/package. Note: A Pro Tubefly Needle (sold separately) is recommended for tying with Classic Tubes. These tubes do not set well on most tube mandrels. Watch a short video on Pro Classic Tubes. (Then use the <-- or Back button on your browser to return here.)


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