Peak Fishing PEAK Vise Replacement Jaws

PEAK Vise Replacement Jaws

by: Peak Fishing | Item #: OF-903320-0000

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Peak's optional saltwater or midge jaws can replace the standard jaw in under two minutes. The midge jaw for hook sizes #16 and smaller has been designed to hold tiny midge hooks while allowing free access to the hook. The Saltwater jaw for hook sizes up to 6/0 holds large saltwater and freshwater hooks firmly. Peak recently upgraded its manufacturing process and now all jaws are black oxide coated to reduce the chances of surface rust. Chose midge or saltwater.


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Quality Steel

Reviewer: A viewer from Huffman, TX US

Some what new to tying and was ready to move from larger flies to nymphs and midges so got the Midge Peak Jaws. Easy and quick to change out, and clamps the 18 and smaller hooks very tightly. Jaw head is small and not in the way of tying. Should last a lifetime.

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Midge Jaws

Reviewer: A viewer from Missoula, MT US

I don't tie flies larger than size 8, so this review is for the midge jaws, not the monster jaws. Although the default jaws will work for almost most of your typical trout fly tying, but once you approach size 18 and smaller, the default jaws are a little bulky to really get around the fly. The midge jaw will mostly solve that problem for you. They're small enough to give you access, although I do kind of wish the tips was more of a pin point than a flat face. My one complaint is that I wish the midge jaws were engineered for "extended use" up to size 12 or 14, instead of the "recommended" size 18 or smaller. If so, these would be on my vise almost full time. I find it moderately inconvenient to change out the jaws when I want to tie the odd size 20 fly, simply because I find the default jaw too bulky for that size. Other than that, the Peak jaws are well constructed and hold the hook in solid, with only minor adjustments to the tension.

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Great upgrade

Reviewer: A viewer from Dallas, TX US

These jaws make tying size 20 flys much easier even though you could tie that small with the standard jaws I find the fly looks better after being tied on the midge jaws.

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A no-brainer for anyone who ties small flies

Reviewer: A viewer from Steamboat Springs, CO US

Firsr, I love my Peak rotary vise. Second, tying smaller flies (18 and higher) is possible with the standard jaws. However, I found myself feeling cramped for space when tying on those smaller hooks. The midge jaws have been just the solution I needed. Easy to install and great for working with tiny flies.

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Another outstanding Peak product

Reviewer: A viewer from West Valley City, UT US

I've used my Peak vise with the standard jaws for several months before deciding to pick up the midge jaws. I have to say first that the standard jaws are really very good and I did not have any significant problems down to #18, though it gets a little cramped. Now that I have the midge jaws, though, everything is just so much easier. I work with #16 and smaller a lot, so these have been really worthwhile. If you tie a lot of smaller patterns these will make your life a lot easier!

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