Peak Fishing PEAK Rotary Vise

PEAK Rotary Vise

by: Peak Fishing | Item #: OF-903300-0000

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All components of the Peak Vise are high quality stainless steel, hardened tool steel, and brass, with aluminum for the jaw tube link arm. The vise includes a set screw and Allen wrench to allow the vise to break down flat for travel. The hardened jaws can hold hooks from size 2 streamers down to #24 midges and the positive stop cam action allows repeatable gripping from the first fly to the last. Chose a pedestal base with a rounded pocket or C-clamp mount for a table edge up to 2 1/4". Lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship. If expedited or international shipping is required, an extra shipping charge may be applied during processing; please ask for a shipping quote.


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Simple and effective; great value!!!!

Reviewer: A viewer from Olympia, WA USA

This vise is an amazing value; very simple and effective. Quick adjustment for hook sizes with a fast and secure locking system. Other vises may have more bells and whistles, but quit honestly they can be overwhelming. I love the simplicity, quality and value of this vise.

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Great simple vise

Reviewer: A viewer from Moorhead, MN US

I tied for a long time on a cheap vise you get in a kit. After tying up 100 egg flies in a couple days and had a bruise on my hand I decided it was time for something better.

I've been using this for a while now and its making it more fun to tie flies. I bought the magnum jaws as well. My only small complain is it is a little difficult to change the jaws. I also did have a problem with hooks slipping but I think that was me trying to tie too big of hooks in the standard vise.

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Great Vice For Any Tier

Reviewer: A viewer from Missoula, MT US

Peak may be the relative newcomer on the vise block, but they've certainly come out with a solid product. This vice can get you into fantastic quality, features that can grow with you over time and flexibility to tie virtually any sized fly, all without breaking the bank. Now that I've tied many flies of several different sizes on this vise, I can wholeheartedly agree with others that this is a great vice. Your hooks will bend before this vise lets go, the full rotary is nice and smooth for those difficult to tie flies and the table top base is large & heavy, making this vise stay wherever you put it no matter how hard you yank on the thread. The bobbin holder that comes by default is a nice touch and you can get it out of the way easily. I definitely appreciate that it's manufactured right here in the US, yet doesn't have the typical domestic price. Personally, I like the look of the stainless steel and brass, it's just very utilitarian and I like that in my tools. I definitely recommend picking up a few key accessories - the brass screws, the d-arm and possibly the riser extender and material clip. If you're tying a lot of size 18 and below, the midge jaws will almost be a necessity, if anything just to get the bulk of the default jaw out of the way and give you more access to the fly. Since I can't offer a "perfect" review for nearly anything, I'll point out a few faults I've noticed. As mentioned, the default jaw is fairly bulky, moderately inconvenient for size 18-20...and Peak doesn't "recommend" the midge jaws for extended use with size 16 and above. The angle of the jaw holder can make it a little difficult to get perfect horizontal wraps without careful finger placement on your hackle and it will sometimes get in the way for tailing on some hook sizes. Overall, though, a fully outfitted Peak will still come in under the price of the well known premium vises and you'll get more features for your money. This thing will last a lifetime, no doubt.

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You won't be sorry!

Reviewer: A viewer from CHINO, CA USA

I did my homework when I decided to upgrade my vise. Peak came out on top in everything I was looking for, made in the USA and a price that is just right! Get it now at J.Stockard.

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C Clamp Assembly Doesn't Fit

Reviewer: A viewer from Glendale, AZ US

I just recieved my Vise and the vise riser doesn't fit into the clamp assembly. In the instructions it says it will be a tight fit and if there are problems to call. You would think that if tolerances are that tight, they would check the two pieces before it left the factory. I called and now have to send it back. I'm out $10.50 for postage and still no vise. Very disappointed.

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