Zap A Gap (Medium CA Plus)

by: Pacer Tech. | Item#: OF-900100-0000
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The fly tier's choice in super glues. Fast drying gap-filling formula - bonds virtually anything. Bonds in 7 to 10 seconds. Great for line splices, gluing lead, mono or bead chain eyes. 1/4 oz. bottle.


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Use this on most of my heads or feathers

Reviewer: from Fort Collins, CO

This has great all around use and every tier should have some n his bench. Good stuff for cementing heads and setting hackle. I use a needle to apply it to minimize mess and waste. It's basically super glue.

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Reviewer: from Ohio

it works ok, doesnt seem to cure as fast as 7-10 seconds as stated and the applicator bottle is clumsy to work with, wish j stockard had brushes.

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Simply - The Best

Reviewer: from Mississauga, Ontario CA

I use CA+ (that's with the "plus sign") for all of my "super glue" needs. I've tried others, even other "flavours" of Zap-a-Gap, and have settled on CA+. It sets quickly, glues everything that I've thrown at it (even my fat fingers from time to time) and seems to hold up with being in the water. And it doesn't stop at the tying bench, either. I like to toss a drop on some of my fly line connections, especially for my "big fish" tackle. Note: that's ONE drop. A "trick" with most "CA" adhesives is to avoid using too much. Putting 2 drops, where 1 is required just prolongs the setting time, and way too much seems to prevent the glue from "taking up" at all.

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Very useful to have on hand

Reviewer: from BEAR, DE US

Zap a Gap CA+ is one of the staples that I always try to keep on hand. Use it for everything from fixing flies to strengthening a saltwater line knot.

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Reviewer: from battle Mountain, arizona

This stuff is incredibly strong, the first time i used it to glue on some eyes on a fly, it stuck my fingers together pretty good, but never the less this product is great and my fingers getting stuck shows how srong and effective this glue is..recommend this very much

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