NORVISE Convenience Bundle #1 - NORVISE with Auto Bobbin Kit

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Convenience Bundle #1 - NORVISE with Auto Bobbin Kit

by: NORVISE | Item #: OF-903501-0000

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During our annual 'Upgrade Your Bench’ sale, purchase the NORVISE and get a $60 Instant Rebate good towards the purchase of fly tying materials, tools, etc. The instant rebate is automatically applied when you add the vise and materials to your shopping cart. Get the NORVISE and its most popular accessory, the Auto Bobbin Kit, in one handy bundle. The NORVISE Concept is to position the hook on the centerline of rotation and then spin the hook rather than wrap hand over hand around the hook. A thread post, aligned with the center of rotation, permits material to be "spun" onto the hook without the tying thread being wrapped on at the same time. In this bundle, you get the NORVISE with standard small jaws; Automatic Bobbin Kit which includes the Bobbin (w/ceramic tube), three additional machined aluminum spools (four including the one on the Bobbin), and a spooling Arbor to load your thread onto the aluminum spool; and instructions on DVD. Two NORVISE essentials in one convenient bundle, made in USA!

Other Details

A base is NOT included with this vise. You may choose a Nor-Vise Mounting Board (see link above), or you can make your own with the same dimensions (see "Other Details" on the product page for the Mounting Board). Video clips showing the Nor-Vise (and featuring Norm Norlander) in action can be found at

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Great vise

Reviewer: A viewer from Wayland, MA US

I just bought this package after watching Norm demonstrate the vice at the Marlborough fly fishing show. I had watched many of the videos on his site and was intrigued by the product. Up till now, I have used a Griffen Mongoose and, for travel, an HMH SX. Both are good quality and very functional. The lower cost and smaller size of the HMH is offset by the greater functionality of the Griffen. However, the Nor-Vise is just a cut above. While I can't yet spin flies like Norm, after just a few hours I am tying flies faster and better. It does take some work and reorientation if you're an experienced tyer. For example, all the spinning requires a much greater use of half hitches. I highly recommend wathcing the video which comes with the vise, several times. I thought I had all the tricks after the first viewing but found myself going back to see how certain materials were held, how items were attached, etc. The automatic bobbin is also great. Initially, I was hesitant by the need to rewind all my thread onto Norm's spools but the effort is really worth it. I've just ordered another bobbin and more spools. Bottom line, this is worth the money and the time to learn to use it.

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Reviewer: A viewer from Pandora, OH US

All I can say is I wish I would have bought one of these a long time ago. This is the smoothest, and fastest turning vise I've seen! After watching the included video and playing with the vise for awhile I was amased at how much easier and faster it was to tie flies. This is a fantastic vise that is well built and simple to learn to use. I give it a 5 star rating!

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New Nor-Vise Convert

Reviewer: A viewer from Lockport, NY US

After tying flies for 30+ years I just joined the rotary revolution by purchasing the Nor-Vise. After using conventional vises for so long, the rotary techniques take some getting used to but that is half the fun! Norm Norlander's video is an excellent introduction to the vise and the techniques used with it. I wish i had gotten this vise years ago. The standard jaws work well but the room around the bend of the hook is a bit limited but adequate. I'll be checking out the fine point conversion in the future. Overall a very high quality product that should last a lifetime.

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Should have bought this one first!

Reviewer: A viewer from WIXOM, MI USA

Been tying flys for 10 years and had been looking for a rotary vise. I bought a few other cheaper vises and was not completely pleased. This vise is very well thought out and the videos from Norm really get you started in learning the tricks to incorporate with this vise. I bought only the vise first but I would recommend getting this set with the bobbins instead, at least. They really are a must; since I have been waiting for mine to come, I have had to rewind the spool from the post and it takes soo much longer. You could get the set with the base if you don't want to attach the Vise and post to your tying table. I found my own kitchen cutting board and mounted the vise to that. It worked great because it already had rubber feat under it. So far this vise is everything I heard it was. I will get the smaller jaw set but for now this is great.

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This is the best vise ive ever tried!!

Reviewer: A viewer from Flen, Södermanland SE

This is the best vise that i have ever tried.
Tried it over at a friends house from time to time.
And ordered one myself a couple of days ago finaly.
It helps me with things i have trouble with on a standard vise's,Like dubbing.
Some flies is so much faster to tie on this vise.
Quality on the vise and bobbin are really good.
The bobbin is something i really like,Its so smooth to use and never in the way in this system.
So im looking forward to recieve it in the mail.
Its not cheap this vise but well worth every dollar it costs.

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