Signature R50U-94842 Hook

by: Mustad | Item#: HK-045504-0000
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Round bend, up eye, micro barb, bronzed; Uses: Classic dry fly. Equivalent to Mustad Classic 94842 hook.

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These hooks have been discontinued by Mustad and are marked down for clearance.


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Good light-wire hook for soft hackles

Reviewer: from Nashville, TN

I have a box for spiders, flymphs, and other soft hackles. I tie these patterns on both heavy-wire wet fly hooks for flies that I'll lift from deep water and I tie them on dry-fly hooks for flies I want to fish in or just below the surface. The turned-up eye on the 94842 makes it very easy to distinguish my light-wire patterns from those tied on the heavier Mustad 3906, 3906B, or 3399 models. I also just like the look of a flymph tied on an turned-up-eye hook.

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Great for dry flies

Reviewer: from Pottstown, PA, USA

I had taken the bait (har har) to see if there was anything to the Irish Loche dries using upturned eyes and loop tippet-connections, and those chaps have something going there. The wire is about the same thickness as you'd find on the "old" 94840 'standard' dries, and are pretty much your standard dry fly hook with just an upturned eye. If you do get these hooks, try using a loop-connection to tie the fly to the leader-tippet. Sure, a Davy knot or cinch, whatever, would work fine, but the wiggle and the angle that you get from a loop knot, because of the upturned eye, is just awesome and works quite well for the fish. It catches the attention of fishermen as well :) Just remember to leave a little extra room at the head of the fly, if hackling, as it is a stronger angle up than it is an angle down on the 94840s; it is harder to thread the eye IF there is hackle blocking the eye. Just my 2 cents worth, your results may vary. Try it out, JStockard has them cheap.

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