Mustad Signature C49S Hook

Signature C49S Hook

by: Mustad | Item #: HK-043497-0000

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Straight eye, 1X short shank, curved, micro barb, bronzed; Uses: scud, caddis; Sizes 6 - 22. Packs of 25 or 50 hooks.


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seems just right

Reviewer: A viewer from Rehobeth, AL US

I use this hook in size 10 to tie the "Hum Bug" pattern for panfish. Using chenille for body material and no extra weight, the hook provides a nice slow sink rate. The curved shank adds a touch of natural appearance to any impressionistic wet fly.

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Good hook for buzzers, brassies, scuds, and soft h

Reviewer: A viewer from Saskatchewan, Canada

The Mustad C49S hook has a weight, shape and gape that make it great for buzzers (chironomids), brassies and scuds. I've also used C49S for caddis-imitating soft hackles to fish on the surface or just below it. Unlike another reviewer I've never lost a fish due to a bent or broken C49S hook. But I did bend a couple of size 18's in the vise when I was being careless.

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Ok in larger sizes

Reviewer: A viewer from Fort Worth, TX US

I have to agree with Robert on his assessment on hook “bendability”. I own several sizes in this model and truly only have issues with sizes #18 and smaller. Size #16 and larger, no problem and recommend. Size #18 and smaller, can not recommend.

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C49 Hook review

Reviewer: A viewer from East Rand, Gauteng ZA

This is my preferred hook for both caddis larvae/pupae & mayfly nymphs.

I wanted one hook style which would cover all my larva/nymph requirements, in all sizes from #6-20 The TMC 200R has too long a shank and way too short a hook point.

The standard wire, but with a short shank with a wide gape means that my #14 is the same length as a #16 straight shank hook, but with stronger wire & a wider gape & a nice long hook point.

I use it is #6-12 for caddis, with the shank unmodified.
I use it is #12-20 for mayflies (with or without bead head), with the shank straightened slightly with a pair of smooth-jaw pliers.

I go through a lot of these hooks and buy them by the hundreds.

You can also use this hook with a straightened shank for dry flies - I like tying parachutes on these. For a Klinkhammer, I just cut off the tail of the parachute, rather than tie a separate fly.

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Sharp but weak

Reviewer: A viewer from Madison, MS US

These are very sharp but the wire is either weak or small. If you get a 15" fish on a 20 or 22 it will likely bend.

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